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Kitchen update

No I did not drop the ball on this. I finished it but never took pictures. By the time I was done painting I was sooooo over this project. I will post more pic soon....I still need too buy new hard ware.

Saturday weigh in

Time to face the damage of my latest eating habits. Here is a recap of the past couple days: Wednesday-ate out at a sushi place and did not work out. Thursday- Thanksgiving feast and no workout Friday- ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, no workout, binged on Reeses Pieces Cereal. Saturday- back on track Why didn't I work out for the past 3 days?  Well Wednesday I was pretty sore from the prior days workouts but I know there is no excuse for Thursday or Friday, I just didn't feel like it. One positive is that I didn't have any pumpkin pie but I did have a couple bites of some pecan pie..nothing major however the breakfast at Cracker Barrell the next day did make up for it. So here is the # This week is 147.2 Last week    145.8 gained  +1.4lbs Geez, that is not good but what should I expect? 3 days of bad eating and no workouts. Well I need to get back on my routine starting today!  Today I'm going to do an intense Hiit program for 30 minutes which involves pus

barely hanging on..

So yesterday I went to see Breaking Dawn with my daughter and had MoViE ThEaTre PoPcOrN!! I had about 5 handfuls...I think the salt was the most damaging. ..However I did do a HIIT work out. This one is similar to what I did. Source: via Kerri on Pinterest Instead of 50 seconds I did 60 seconds by using the timer on my phone.  So I had my headphones in my ears listening to music and my timer would go off every 60 seconds and I would change workouts. I was dripping with sweat after about 12 minutes. And on Sunday I actually did this for 30 minutes! If you are not familiar with HIIT workouts here is a great guide: Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest So then I gotta talk about today.  K, you know how cartoons always show the good angel/bad angel? This could have not been more accurate for me tonight. I almost did not go to zumba because of the bad angel (I don't like referring him as the "d" word)!    The bad

saturday weigh in

another loss! So the scale reads 145.8 This is a loss of  .4 lbs. Last week I weighed 146.2 So my total loss since 9/10/12 is 7.2 lbs! Not too bad right? It is a slow process and as I go thru the weeks I always think i'm not making a difference or that the difference is so minimal but it does take patience. The weight will come off but it is a slow process. Blogging about it has helped me so much. I have 3 weeks left of my 10lb journey. Dec 5th is my health assessment appointment so I really need to buckle down. Now lets talk about Willpower. This week I realize just how much i have. You don't just have it! you have to somehow create it yourself, it definitely takes practice. I was so hungry and there was a candy bar sitting in the pantry... to be more specific it was a Hershey bar... In the past  if I opened it I would eat the whole thing but not in this occasion. I opened it, ate 3 squares and threw the rest in the garabage!    ya hoooo! I have come a long way

Saturday Weigh In

starting weight: 153       9/10/12 current weight :146.2 goal weight:  140         12/5/12 So last saturdays weigh in was 147.4   and today I weigh 146.2 so I am down 1.2lbs! Hopefully I can keep heading in that direction. As I have mentioned before I have a health assessment appointment thru my work on 12/5/12  and if I meet my goal I will received a $50 rebate check! SO i just need to stay positive, somewhere along this journey I have become so negative... just always thinking negative thoughts about my body image and constantly comparing it to others. why do I do this? why do so many of us do this? it's weird because I never compare myself to others as far as how much money I make, where I live, what I drive,etc. I have always been happy and grateful for what I have. so to keep this a positive journey I am no longer going to feel guilty for eating lemon heads! I am going to keep it simple and have patience!  I am doing the best I can and that is good enough.

Mid week update

did not get my workout in on Monday. attempted to work out on Tuesday but then got sick, did 35 minutes of cardio today. My diet has been well so hopefully there will be good news for my weigh in on Saturday! Hope everyone is having a good week!

My only enemy..the scale.

Ditching the scale because every time the number goes up I feel like this! Source: via Kelli on Pinterest Whenever I want to complain i think of this: Source: via Emily on Pinterest Duh! News isn't easy! But you know what I have realized? I always tell myself I hate working out and I always get so mad when the scale does not budge but I think deep down inside I like working out I just don't want to admit it. I am a very grateful person and I appreciate all my blessings and never want to take anything for granted. I know god can take things away as fast as he gives them and every day I am so grateful for my health. I have told people many times that I work out simply because I can! I think it is a great reason.  There are so many people out there struggling with there health, so many people in wheel chairs, or even have bad knees and can't run so if you are healthy enough for physical activity then just d

New goal...pushups

 New Week, New Goals! I was so excited with meeting my mini goal and I have to have goals like this since I cannot depend on that scale...errrgh. So my new goal for this week is doing 3 man pushups every day. Right now it's a struggle but hopefully by the end of the week I can do 3 perfect pushups! I have also decided to put a plan in place that way I'm not wondering what type of work out to do each day. So I have already completed my work out for today. I have to say it was the best workout ever! Thanks to Pitbul I did not want to get off the treadmill. I also did upper body weight training so I'm off to a good start for the week.  The reason why I have a rest day for tomorrow is because I have to go into the office so I won't have time in the morning to work out and I'm usually exhausted after work.  I also just found out that my Healthy Utah Appt is on Dec 5th. During that appointment I will get a health assessment done which is where they measure yo

Saturdays Weigh In

I'm still going strong on my 10lb journey. (I'm trying to lose 10 lbs!) This is the and the scale do not get along. I hate even stepping on it but here goes: Well, down .4     Why does the scale hate me so bad?  Sometimes I swear the scale is broken...but I'm not going to let it get me down. I am done talking about it. Actually, my outlook is so wrong. I should be happy about it!! Yeah guys look... I lost .4 lbs!!! I must be doing something right! The scale loves me and my hard work is paying off!     Here is last weeks weigh in. Lets take a look at my past week: This week I did 5 days cardio! (i'm also going today)  And I did strength training 2x this week!  Yay. And I met my goal. It really was such a mini goal of waking up early and being at the gym by 6:15 on Monday and Tuesday. But since I set that goal I proved to myself that I can get up early and go! Now lets set some goals for the following week! Source: Uploaded by user via Jod


<p>Trying so hard to avoid them!</p>

A new month!

I hope everyone .had a fun and safe Halloween!    I'm just glad its over. I was a little nervous about the temptations but I stayed strong.  I had a couple smarties and some licorice. No Chocolate. I just stay away from that because it is so addicting.    So what if you did pig out?  I found a great site for that: Moving on....    So whats new? Well I have been staying away from the scale...trying not to let it get me down. Remember my last post where I wrote down a mini goal about getting up early for cardio?  well I did it! I followed thru! I got up and was at the gym by 6:15am on Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday!!! Its great to be able to meet a goal. I'm going to start setting a lot more mini goals that have nothing to do with that ugly scale! I also have another great piece of news: Source: via Inked on Pinterest I finally got up the courage to   entered the free weights area. I'm not talking a