Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday weigh in

Time to face the damage of my latest eating habits. Here is a recap of the past couple days:
Wednesday-ate out at a sushi place and did not work out.
Thursday- Thanksgiving feast and no workout
Friday- ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, no workout, binged on Reeses Pieces Cereal.
Saturday- back on track

Why didn't I work out for the past 3 days?  Well Wednesday I was pretty sore from the prior days workouts but I know there is no excuse for Thursday or Friday, I just didn't feel like it. One positive is that I didn't have any pumpkin pie but I did have a couple bites of some pecan pie..nothing major however the breakfast at Cracker Barrell the next day did make up for it.

So here is the #

This week is 147.2
Last week    145.8
gained  +1.4lbs
Geez, that is not good but what should I expect? 3 days of bad eating and no workouts. Well I need to get back on my routine starting today!  Today I'm going to do an intense Hiit program for 30 minutes which involves push ups, high knees, burpees etc.
This upcoming week will look like this:
Sunday: treadmill & weights
Monday: Zumba
Tues: Hiit Program
Wedn: treadmill & weights
Thurs: Zumba
Friday: eliptical & weights
My goal this week is to keep my hands out of the cereal box!   I want to try to lose 1.4 lbs so I'm going to buckle down and follow my schedule.
and remember:

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