Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another successful garage sale!
This sale had a bunch of scrapbooking &and craft supplies.

first things first, i found this nifty tote  and good thing because I had a bunch of other great finds. I needed something to put everything in.

I came across these foam stamps, they were asking $2...not too bad.

And every crafter needs a roll of tulle.

And then I picked up this grab bag that had all these fun finds in them!
The magazines have sooo many great ideas for scrapbooking! And I love the trinket pins!
And the art to heart book is a steal, those usually sell around $15 in a quilt store and they had it listed for $1.
Can you believe I got all of this for $5?  Yes! I walked away with all of this for $5!
This is probably the last garage sell of the season but it leaves me with plenty to do through the winter months.
Thanks so much for looking. I've been doing a little sewing so hopefully my next post will be a finished project.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I wanna be a gardener

I love the brick flower box in my front yard but i also wanted to put some flowers around my ugly cement porch so I created a flower bed.
This might look easy but if you are a gardener you will know all the digging that is involved, then mixing the dirt, killing the weeds and tilling it all together but it is well worth it.

So all these flowers I'm showing you were planted on Labor Day Weekend and you will see the growth in just a couple weeks.
So I added this delphinium which grows best in organic dirt ( I have been doing my homework) and boy does it...check out the growth in just a couple weeks! 
I am so excited, this is a perennial so it will come back next year bigger and better. Look at how it sprouts out in just 3 weeks! it's so fun watching them grow!
close up, i love the color
And the upcoming blooms are great!

Another thing I am loving about this perennial is that the bloom lasts a couple weeks, the flowers in this picture are the same flowers 3 weeks later, of course they are not as fresh but its a longer bloom then any of the other flowers I have.

This one is another flower I'm excited about...its not growing as much as I wish it would and I'm thinking its because I used miracle grow dirt instead of organic...but some flowers grow better in different types of dirt and I thought these would do ok  in regular dirt. Maybe I should start using organic dirt, it's more expensive but you can see the difference.
And here are some phlox I planted next to the delphinium and it is in organic dirt as well...they look so healthy  
The pink ones are kinda in between blooms...but I swear all these flowers are doing great because of the organic dirt! 

 I can't wait to compare these pictures to next season!
Thanks for looking!  And here is a site with such good gardening inspiration:

Monday, September 19, 2011

window pane decor

First off, i can't ignore the fact that I have not blogged in almost a month!  But its a good thing, I have been busy, busy, busy doing so many projects around the house, gardening, painting and organizing!  But now I am taking a break, too many projects going on overwhelms me. It just reminds me of the time I do not while being super busy I did not forget to take pictures, I will be posting a little bit of what I have been up to in the next couple of days, now, on to a garage sale find....
Another great garage sale find! It was only $8 !!
At the antique stores in my area they want anywhere from $30-$60 so I thought that was a steal!
The only thing I didn't like about it is that it did not have the center wood (to make it 2 panes) but i fixed will notice it later.  I bought the knob from hobby lobby.
Then I bought this wreath at Tai Pan
And this flower vine from Tai Pan as well..then it put it together and g0t this...
Then I used burlap and hung it to the window pane.
Notice the wood slat in the middle? I just took a small piece of wood and hot glued it to the window, problem solved!  (sorry, not a lot of pix)  Thanks so much for looking!
I will be linking to the party at  Southern Hospitality

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