Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Kitty hats

Well, i did it! Isn't it cute? It was a special request...i wasn't sure if I could pull this off.
The bow was the hardest part...I wanted it to be perfect

first I tried to tie 2 triangles together and that did not was too flimsy

Then I found other tutorials that say to just crochet a rectangle then tie a piece of yarn in the middle but that didn't work either

so then I came up with this. I crochet 6 stitches then decreased to 4
 then went back up to 6 and tied it in the middle.
here is a close up of the bow.
Isn't this so cute? I have been loving hello kitty a lot lately. Have you ever smelled the perfume? They sell it at JC Penney and it smells very good...I'm thinking about getting it.  Anywho...Thanks so much for looking!  I will be sharing this here:


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

more scratched off the list...

This sock monkey was a special request to make it blue instead of red!
What do you think?
This order is for a brother and cute!
And the owl hats are my favorite! I just love selected fun colors!
Thanks for looking! gotta get busy again!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a little extra time...

I was able to make one for my daughter! I love the colors and she has a really nice coat and it matches perfectly.
this was done with loops and threads charisma yarn, it is extremely soft.

I used a g hook, 14 rows down and 48 stitches across.
I still have orders coming in so off I go to stich some mo'.
I will be updating my waiting list daily.

Friday, November 11, 2011

more sock monkeys

another order scratched off the list!
these hats are for a brother and sister, Gladdy's niece and nephew.

here niece just turned 1! and this is a christmas gift. I love how it turned out!

half double crochet stitches, button eyes and super cute ears!

and this is for the 5yr old nephew. (56 stitches across with Ghook)
next up...another owl hat!

Monday, November 7, 2011

not just for kids?

So if I'm making  them for everybody else I figure I should have one for myself. I mean, i do need to stand behind my product!  At first I thought they were just too cute for kids but now I'm liking it for myself.
The pattern I'm using is just one I made up myself. In the beginning I started with a pattern but never got the sizing right because I would use different types of yarns and hooks.
So here is one I whipped up for myself. I wore it today out in public and i felt kinda spunky!  And a little immature but you know what? I love it. I think it turned out so cute and if I'm going to sale them then I think I need to wear one too! I made this one out of my favorite yarn lately, it's called Loops and Threads country ?  And on all the hats I've been making I have been stitching a half double crochet throughout. 
  soooo not just for kids?

And then I just finished another sock monkey hat, this was  a special order for my friend at work. I LOVE this! I'm getting faster and better with each hat. And I got another order today for 5 more sock monkey hats. I had to put together a waiting list! I'm about 2 weeks out!
Thanks for visiting, click here to see more of my hats!
And I'm linking up to these parties:
Strictly Homemade Tuesday

Thursday, November 3, 2011

its out of control!

I have a waiting list for these owl hats!
So far I have to make 10 more owl hats. Some people have ordered just one while others are ordering 2 or 3! I don't know how much longer I can keep up but I sure am having fun!
I love this color combo. A friend at work asked for these colors and I think it turned out so cute!

for my info: used H hook, 14 rows down 56 stitch across. I have been putting down this info in case I want to make this exact hat again then I know how many stitches to do because I have not been following a certain pattern.
This one also turned out perfect! This fits anywhere from 2-8 year old. I used a g hook 48 stitches around and 13 rows down.

What makes this so much fun is hearing about the stories when the parents are giving them to there kids. One of my friends gave one to her grandaughter. Her grandaughter is 7 and loved the hat so much they had to take several pictures! Her grandaughter also said " I don't think anyone at school has one of these!" She thought it was cool that it was really unique and you know she is absolutely right! I have seen the character hats in stores and they got nothing on these!
Thanks so much for looking!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

more, more, more!

The yarn used is loops and threads...very very soft! and all of them are sold!

This one is for a newborn. Used h hook and followed my pattern for size xsmall

This is also sold! The yarn used is lion brand. I used a g hook

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