Sunday, June 26, 2011

a black skirt

This was made from another simple pattern from MCCalls.
Who can't use a black skirt? Especially with ruffles...

this is McCalls 3830 and its a "quick and easy" really is, just 3 pieces and sew in the zipper in the back.
And I could not decide what to do with the bottom...i didn't want it to just be a plain straight skirt. Then I came across this blog!

She even dyed it this color herself! And it's made out of a t-shirt.

So...I added ruffles to the bottom, I think it's a nice touch.

And here it is...ready to wear!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

String Quilt

 Since my last few wardrobe malfunctions I decided to take a break from sewing clothes and work on one of the many quilts in progress.
This is my string quilt. Quilting is so different from sewing clothes...I love all the designer fabrics and rich colors.

And my dog feels more involved. As soon as I lay down my quilt and fabrics he loves to lay on them.

He fell asleep on my quilt and i love his little paws...i had to take a picture.
If you don't know how to put together a string quilt you will be amazed at how easy and fun it is! You just select your squares from tissue paper to stabalize it. My paper is 8x8 squares. Then you have a different color strip to go in the middle...and you glue it to the paper so it stays in place. I used linen for my "sashing". Then place another strip on top of it and sew.
Then iron it down. It's just like paper piecing. The strips can be of any width .

Then once you have all the strips sewn down you trim it to the square

Then turn it over and trim it!
I decided to match up the color all greens, pinks, reds but that is a lot harder.
I wish I would have just done a multi color one, it would be a lot less planning and they are beautiful!
Film in the Fridge has a beautiful string quilt, if you see it you will want to make one, that is where my inspiration came from. I'm still not done with it. I'm just going to keep adding and adding till it becomes at least a queen until then, happy sewing!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flower Power

I put on this brown tank top and it needed some flare! These flowers were laying around with nothing to do so I started pinning. 

but do you think it's too much? I kinda look like a birthday present! But these fabric flowers can be used for so many things...clip them on a purse, in your hair, to a!

I used a different technique on all 3 flowers
So for now I will show you how to make a flower like this. Its so easy and there are so many tutorials
out there but instead of making you go somewhere else to find it I will show you here!

I used only 8 circles and its out of lightweight shear fabric. The circles are about 3.5 diameter. 

Then you just fold them in half and lay them on your foundation circle (mine is the black felt) and once you get to the fourth circle you will tuck it under the first like you would a box (this is #2 step) then secure them down with thread.  So once that is secure i will take the remaining circles and fold it in half, then in half again (step #3) and then I secure those down one by one with the thread...then thats it!
Now just find some little beads to put in the middle. I actually had this flower gem laying around so I just attached it to the middle.
There is so many things you can do with these flowers!
I made a head band out of this one.

I like to place a sturdy piece of pellon on the back to help it keep from floppy around

Then use a glue gun to glue it to the flower then the head band and I use felt.
And there ya go! Target has these for sale for $9.99.
I got 4 head bands for $1. and the fabric was $1/yard. So basically it cost me not even .50 to make one!
Thanks for looking! 

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Easy Peasy Top

This is probably the easiest pattern next to my dress pattern.
I made this shirt and its from a butterick pattern 5463
Only 4 pieces! the above is the facing for the shirt

And here is the front and back already sewn together!
And here I am sewing the facing to the shirt. 
Then all you do is make your sashing and finish the bottom hem!
That is my kind of sewing!
I have had the hardest time trying to get a good pix of this shirt!! Sorry, that furry blur is my dog. He would not get out of the way and my daughter would not get out of her chair.

So this is the best picture I could get...I even started paying my daughter to take pictures! Does anyone else have a problem finding someone to take pictures?
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Vote for me!

I was just notified that this shirt made it to the top 10 in the pattern remix contest!
Details can be found in my previous post where I talk about making it from my 1hour dress pattern
So if you like what you see, Please Vote for Me! Just go to Me Sew Crazy blog  (I am #4)

Thanks Everyone!

Now, onto another dress!
I had so much fun making this dress because it was EEAASY!
I just wish i could get a good picture!

Here is the pattern..The whole "Fast and Easy" is what caught my eye.
The back of it gives a better picture of the shape of the dress.
as you can see there are just a few pieces. The front bodice, back bodice, straps and the skirt!
I actually used a skirt from my simplicity pattern 2443 because I wanted the bottom to be fuller.
So here I am drawing the lines for the pleat for the bodice...
 And I hate that I don't have a serger...urrr. So i always try to cut the bottom right next to the selvage that way when I hem it it is nice and clean and there wont be any fraying.
Oh..and then I added ruffles to the top of it.

So I am linking this to  The Summer of No Pants
Just click on the link for details..

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