Sunday, April 29, 2012

3rd attempt!

Yes, I pulled out my stencils again and decided to give it another try. I'm going to stencil the inside of my bedroom closet.
So I found after alot of attempts to get out my leveler and paint the first stencil. Wait for that first section to dry then move on and you wont have to wait for the others to just continue to move around the first dried section...

See how you can move on because your tap does not need to tape on the stencil design but the more I painted the worse it looked??
can you see how some of the paint is darker than the other? I am blaming it on the paint. I think it is a fluke because I love sherwin william paint but this paint is out of the same quart that I used to paint my closet and it was so hard to try to blend. I don't think they blended the colors well? and yes I also stirred it when I got home but the spread of it was awful.

I just didn't like it so I'm putting my stencils away and I'm just going to cover it up!
In the meantime....
I found an amazing blog with great inspiration:
I have yet to see a gallery wall like this.

What about this room? How simple and sweet!

OMG, love this! I am so done with trying to make my stencils work. I think I should just try striped walls....well I will start with my door first :)

Place the tape on....straight....that was ANOTHER challenge.
Make sure the tape is pressed on really good otherwise the paint will bleed under the tape.

Not bad for a nice crisp line right? but I couldn't imagine doing this along an entire wall! You have to really love to paint because I couldn't even finish the door....

This is all I got done! and yes i was done, I cleaned up and I'm leaving my closet door just like this for now.
Oh well...not everything is a job well done for me. My attention span is very small so I'm always jumping from one project to another.

Friday, April 27, 2012

reap what you sow

Doesn't this picture say spring!

I love zinnia's and I have never started flowers from seeds so I thought I would see what happens

I bought this kit from the nursery

and the directions say to fill the individual circles with water
then put your seeds down and gently cover them with the dirt

so here they are with the seeds lightly covered

Then cover it with a lid and leave them in the sun...
this is day 2, can you believe it?

It like magic...the little leaves are poking out after 2 days.
and here it is 7 days later!  Now the instructions say to leave it outside in the shade and gradually put it in the sun and once the leaves are strong enough you can plant them.   How do I know when they are strong enough? hmmmm

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

diy barnyard shutters

my latest creation are these shutters...I'm not exactly happy with them, I need to paint them a different color...they turned out chalky white but I really need to get an antique white...

The picture basically explains itself. I bought fence wood so it was maybe 3 bucks to make both shutters?
We have a table saw so I just cut the wood to the length I wanted then screwed the opposite direction wood to the verticle ones.  (wow, I am so horrible and explaining things)

Then I added a small ledge so I could put i vase or a cute owl on them

here is a close up...see how it clashes?   The shutters definitely need to be repainted.
other than that I love how they turned out...just need to experiment more with paint colors.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have seen alot of colorblocking at the department stores lately and I love them!

Here is my color block dress using my butterick pattern 5463.
This took about an hour to make..its just 2 pieces!

Its the same pattern I used as this shirt, I just lengthened it a bit for a dress.

and added elastic on the inside to give it some shape....sorry about the pix, I guess I was facing the wrong way from the sun.

oh...and I added pockets.

This dress is where a little bit of my inspiration come from (this dress is $168 at nordstrom). ..but mostly from a dress at Macy's. ..I saw it and loved it and knew I could make it. I couldn't find a pix online but they look identical.
so this is how I did it...cut a pretty wide contrasting strip and sew it down the midde..

Then just fold it in half and put your pattern on top of it to cut it out...pretty easy!

Here is another color block item!  This top was made by the same pattern.
  And this was my inspiration!  Pretty cool right?

I love that all I need to do is surf the web for what I like and whip it up!  Or just window shop at the mall...
So that is all I have for now. Thanks so much for looking!
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