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Eating out

My husband it not a very healthy guy. He ALWAYS eats out and I don't join him all the time but I will eat out with him about 2-3 times a month.  I hate it but I love spending time with him so I go. Have you ever figured out how many calories are actually in one dish? We went to Outback Steakhouse and there was a little leaf symbol at the bottom of the menu that said all meals with this symbol are under 600 calories.  WHAT? So all the meals that didn't have the leaf next to it were 600+ calories? which mean they probably averaged around 900-1200 calories.  I couldn't believe it so I ordered the house salad and chicken tortilla soup and water and it was very filling :) Another fyi, when we would eat at Chili's I would get the quesadilla explosion salad. Well the other day I just saw online that the explosion salad is 900-1300 calories depending on if you eat all the quessadillas.  Can you believe that? I about fell off my chair!   So the other day we go to Chilis

My 10lb Journey weigh in

So are you ready? Today is Wednesday and it is my weigh in!  I'll show you what the scale read: I could not believe it. Last week I weighed 151.2 so I have lost 2.2 lbs in one week! Do you want to know how?  My diet. It has to be my diet! Or maybe running? I have been running about 3 miles a day...maybe it's both? I found an article about diet being 80% of weight loss, see here:  puts it all in prospective. Eat all natural foods!   You don't need to focus on spending 3 hours in the gym do 30 minutes of interval training instead. Don’t make the common fitness mistake of trying to simply “sweat” the fat off with lots and lots of long, boring, steady-state cardio workouts (treadmill jogging, stationary bike ride, elliptical machine striding, etc). There’s a much more efficient, fun, and safe way: bodyweight workouts.  Every other day do a short (20 minutes max) workout based around the most effective bodyweight exercises like push-ups

motivation monday

Gearing up for my weigh in on Wednesday, I found this site   She blogs about losing 10lbs.   That is exactly what I need. I'm starting to get it thru my thick skull that losing the weight is not just about exercising. 80% of it comes from your diet.  Quit Putting Junk in your mouth Delilah! I'm changing up my workout routine. I'm not going to focus on running 3 miles anymore. I'm focusing more on interval training. Here is my puppies reaction hehe. I was doing jumping jacks and burpees and jump roping and I guess he was just making sure I would be ok!  He keeps me company when I work out in the house. Stay tuned for my results on Wednesday (weigh in results)

this challenge is making me Angry!

There is not much I cannot do. I am self taught. I'm good at sewing, painting, building things, baking, crocheting, quilting, gardening... I have so many hobbies, there is not much I cannot do BUT THIS....I cannot seem to lose weight and it is pissing me off!!  At this point its not that I think I need to lose weight, I'm not doing it for anyone else...  I want to lose it just to know that I can do it.  It's a challenge that I must accomplish!   I posted this before and after because I want a before and after!! I think my frame is her pic on the  left. If I had to guess I think this is a 10 lb difference. I want the 10lb difference! I have been wanting to lose 10 lbs for a year now, no more yo yo-ing  I am going to do this! This is day 13 and I want to quit but then I need to read this poster: Source: Uploaded by user via delilahthomas on Pinterest So this means I still have 17 days to go before I see results.  Ugghh. So I will continue to drink my

Candy shop

DIY Sign.  This is a fun little project to do in a couple hours. First I put tape down so I could paint my stripes I always remove the tape before the tape dries. Once the paint dried I took a sander to it...You will be able to see in this next picture. Do you notice how the paint is a bit faded?    click on this post  to find out how I copied the words onto the sign. Then just paint it on with a little paint brush And your done! I always run my sander over the top of the words when finished so it doesn't look so perfect I like it! It looks like an old vintage sign and didn't cost a thing!

10lb Challenge

You may think this is a sewing or crochet challenge however I am changing it up a bit! Running is what I have been doing lately.   I have taken time out of sewing to enjoy the weather while trying to lose a couple more pounds. The weather has been perfect so I feel like I need to be outside! Wanted to share some pix of the trail I've been on: Beautiful Right? This is the beginning of my 28 day Running Streak! A new subject on my blog will be Wednesday weigh in. I want to lose at least 5 pounds going into the holiday season. 5lbs may not seem like a lot but it is still hard!! The last 10 pounds is always hard. This is no doubt a challenge and who can pass up a good challenge? I know my blogging friends LOVE challenges!!  I have challenged myself to run for 28 days straight! Let me rephrase that... run 2.5-3miles everyday for 28 days. Right now I am on day 11. When we get so consumed with crafts, sewing and painting and everything DIY it's hard to find time to work
Having a little fun with the website

striped skirt

It's been awhile, even though I haven't been bloggn' I've still been sewing. This skirt is made from my project runway pattern.  It is Simplicity #2698. This pattern is not the easiest or fastest and the waist area is a bit tricky but I made do! I really like my skirts to have pockets so that is why I picked this pattern.   sewing pockets on takes a bit longer but its worth it. And I love using a different pattern for the pockets. And adding pleats adds a little bit more character as well. So I think its not too bad right? You can't have too many skirts for work. Thanks for looking! Click on the button to see other great sewing projects