Sunday, April 5, 2020


I'm providing a template and before you get started I recommend that you wash your fabric first otherwise it will shrink after one wash and possible not fit anymore.  Also please make a test mask so you can adjust the size as needed. This template is also designed to attach hair tie bands. I found mine at All a Dollar. 100 ties for ...well you know, $1.00
The template can be found here
The ones I'm making right now have the casing so you can slide your own ribbon through if it puts too much stress on the ears.

My Scraps are finally getting the recognition they deserve!

Crazy times right now I hope all are being safe!
I also have a quick tutorial on my facebook page. 
If you purchased a mask from me then please feel free to tag me on platforms below:
I also have a short video of the masks on my IGTV

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