Saturday, October 27, 2012

weigh in

So today is saturday its the end of the week and I weigh 147.8!!! Not a very good # but what can you do?The reason why I'm not so angry is because last night I got a compliment. My friend asked me what I was doing because I looked really small!   Take that Scale!!!  I'm starting to realize that the scale is always going to go up and down regardless of how my clothes fit. And I love how my clothes fit right now!
So here is a recap of what I did this week.
I didn't do as much cardio as I wanted. Wednesday and Thursday I did not work out at all!!!There have been some changes at my work and I just didn't have any time. So this next week is definitely going to be better. I'm not going to let the # on the scale bug me. I'm just going to focus on 45 minutes of cardio and also strength training on Tues & Wednesday.

So my blender went out on me and since I have a smoothie every day I had to run out and by another blender so I went with the Ninja from Bed Bath and Beyond.  It's nothing to brag about but it does the job.

Here is a new use for protein powder. I just put my coffee in the blender with 1/2 scoop of protein powder and a little bit of creamer, just blend it for a couple seconds and it tastes so good and frothy. And you've got protein first thing in the morning!
So my main goal for this upcoming week is going to be cardio first thing in the morning.
I'm going to go to the gym at 6:15am (ouch) on Monday and Tuesday. (taking small steps)  But think how good I will feel when I follow thru and meet that goal, its my mini goal!
So just to be clear...This weeks goal will be:
Cardio 5 days this week.
Strength training 2 days this week.
6:15 am cardio on Monday & Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Well, here it is...not so much of any good news:
I gained .4 lbs!!!!
This past week I have been lifting weights more...but still keeping up on cardio.
Saturday I splurged on kettlecorn and also had a corn dog...but that can't be what kept me from losing?
But I noticed I have been very hungry!! last week I was eating around 1200 calories. this week its been about 1400 calories each day. That would explain my gain. But what the hell am I suppose to do? I'm hungry!!! This is such a miserable game.
I've decided to change my weigh in to saturday morning that way it will be easier for me to reflect what happened through out the week.  My week will go from Sun-Friday with Saturday morning weigh in.
That way I don't really have to get my weekend mixed in with my week.  I will also come up with some weekly goals. I feel like I need to be more strict with my blogging because right now I feel like i'm on the edge of giving up.
  I just need to take the advice of this scale!

That # will not define who I am!

Ok, so you know how I handled the news of my gain?
(and I do not recommend you try this at home)
I love trail mix! It is my weakness. I ate the whole bag! It was soooo good. (700 calories later) I enjoyed every minute of it and hopefully now that I got it out of my system (or rather in my system) I can move on with my life. Tomorrow is a new day. I will be doing about 45 minutes of cardio tomorrow. I didn't work out today...I feel so lazy...mostly because I pigged out on trail mix :(

Monday, October 22, 2012

motivation monday

I'm officially losing it. I am losing my motivation, it's a scary thing.  The holidays are around the corner and i love to bake. I'm sick of making my pumpkin protein bites.  Why would I make them when I can make these:

They look sooooo good!  and I know i'm playing with fire by looking at these yummy treats!
I just need to hang in there. I know it is normal to feel like this  and I hope it will pass.
I've just had a rough week. My last weigh in post was full of good news however I don't know what happen. all the sudden the scale has gone up 2lbs. I know its not my weigh in day but I'm nervous. Why the hell would it do that? Ugghhhh. I guess I technically can't complain yet. I will wait and see what my final #'s are in  2 days. Hopefully I wont have to destroy the scale.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Weigh in

So this morning I got on the scale and here it is:

Sorry, i don't know why it came up sideways and I'm too tired to try to edit it in a different program.
I am excited that I am down 1.2lbs this week!
That is a 7lb loss in 6 weeks!  I'm so excited! 
These are my numbers from the past 6 weeks.  Who knew I would see 145 this early in the game?
I have cleaned up my diet tremendously. Little by little I get better. Eating well does take practice just like everything else. I use to need a tootsie pop each day...then I weened off that and just had a couple lemon heads, now I don't even eat the lemon heads!
Okay moving on.....

Here is my latest purchase for $3.49 at Ross!
I bought a food scale and realize I have only been eating 1oz yogurt (in my shake) instead of 4 oz. and I always thought my serving of meats were around 6 oz when they have only been around 4 oz! Yeah! And today i have not had one piece of sweet candy...not even lemon heads!! I stayed around 1200 for my caloric intake...but for some reason I still feel fat! ?! Anywho I've been looking at some of my older blog posts and found one that said that I should be 140lbs by Dec 1st. that gives me 6 more weeks to lose almost 6lbs! I think I can do it. based on what I have lost so far I am right on my goal!

Yes! Of course, everyone needs to lift!  You will burn more calories, check out this link:

Here's one of my reasons...

If I could have this body I am definitely lifting!
I have been lifting weights but I do it in between high impact cardio.
So for 60 seconds I'm lifting then the other 60 seconds I am kicking, jumping, squating etc on a step bench.
Today I only ran 2.5 miles but I did it in intervals and boy am I tired.
 Here is the post of my last weigh in
And until next time....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Motivation Monday

Motiviation is key in weight loss and to stay motivated I have to change things up. Especially my diet. 
I finally bought some quinoa and I'm not all that impressed...
And I thought to myself I would rather just eat brown rice and when I googled the facts this is what I found:
Quinoa is a little higher in carbs, protein and fiber but really they are the same thing. I actually need to compare price as well. I'm going to try a couple recipes I found off of pinterest.

I tried this salad first and it wasn't so impressive to me. Maybe I need to have it set overnight so the flavor soaks into the quinoa.

I absolutely love pumpkin! Hopefully this will taste better than the salad.

This one looks scrumptious but it calls for too many ingredients.

Now as far as motivation goes I have 2 more days to buck up for my weigh in on Wednesday
Saturday I did bad by eating half a bag of kettle corn. I love kettle corn! Its a good bad situation.
Bad that I bought and ate half the bag!!! But good that I threw the bag away. I did allow myself to buy it because it was saturday and I allow myself to indulge in one thing on Saturdays and I decided that is what it was going to be. And I'm so happy I had the strength to just throw the whole bag out! And based on the nutrition facts half the bag was 300 calories. Not too bad right?

Ok so this is going to be my reward when I reach a 10lb loss.  So I'm just going to throw the # out there.
I will reach my goal when I reach 140.

My last weigh in was 147 so I have 7 pounds to go which seems so far away for me. That is nearly 2 months away if I have no slip ups.  But these are some really nice jeans from Express and I really need some new jeans bad. I just don't want to buy them yet if I can actually get a smaller size :)  So i'm going to do everything I can to lose 1.5lbs every week. I think it can be done!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Weigh in

Good news:
I got on the scale this morning and this is what I saw:
That is down 2.2 lbs from last week!
Its a lot of discipline but I'm glad it paid off.
So here is a little recap of last week
Thursday: work out, circut training
Friday: did not workout, I bought flax seed and started putting that in all my shakes
Saturday: running 2 miles, (cheat day) ate chex mix and beer
Sunday: interval walk/run 30mins
Monday: walk run 30 mins
Tuesday: circuit training 35 mins
So i still did not work out like crazy. I think the flax seed has helped a keeps me regular.
My other favorite food has been sweet potato.
And if your curious my diet consists of all of these foods:
I have all these foods in my house at all times!

So in the past 3 weeks I have lost a total of 4.2lbs.  I'm so excited!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

3rd day of Cabinets

Actually I lost count on what day it is. I am slowly getting it done. I am just so sick of painting. I'm getting them done in sections. Thats probably just prolonging it but I wanted to get one section done so I could be excited for the outcome and maybe be more motivated to get it done.
So I got this section done and I think it looks just lovely! But I still have a long ways to go.

Here is the other side of my kitchen. All the drawers are out and they still need to be painted and sanded. This is taking a lot of perseverance. I really just want to move on with the rest of my life!
So I moved on to lining the shelves. I have to go to work tomorrow 8-5 and I wont be able to work on this kitchen again until Saturday so my plan is to just paint the drawer next weekend. I got these shelf liners at T.J Max.

I put the drawers back so it wouldn't be so chaotic during the work week. Next weekend I'm just going to paint them.

This is a pix of the kitchen island. This is another project in itself!! Its in pretty bad shape.

I'm going to put up some baseboard and spruce it up a bit.  But I'm slowly getting there! Right now I just have to focus on the cabinets. I'll have another post in a couple days!

Monday, October 8, 2012

motivation monday

Another Monday!
Well, Saturday I didn't do too good but it was expected so it was kinda a planned cheat day...actually a planned cheat meal. For dinner I  had hot wings, beer and chex mix! It was my nieces b-day. The positive thing about that day is that I did not have any cake. I just said no. And it was not just cake. My sis n law make the best pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting but now I have the will power to say no and I love it. Not only did I say no but everyone kept telling me to just have it. Then they cut me a piece and handed me the plate. I just put it back on the counter. hehehe.  I just think that if I did have it that it would be so good and I would get hooked on sweets again. I really don't want to fall off the wagon.

So back to motivation. I always have to read this poster. It's been about 4 weeks since I was truly committed. And about 3 weeks ago is when I started blogging about it.

So even though the scale is not where I want it to be I went down another knotch in my belt! And my pants are fitting much better. And the other day I went Marshalls to get some skinny jeans and every pair that I tried on fit! I remember I use to go the stores and try on 4 or 5 pairs of jeans and none of them fit but this was a breeze!
Hope everyone else is having a positive week

Thursday, October 4, 2012

2nd day Cabinets

So the 2nd day I started priming. Always start with the back then you can put push pins or nails in it and flip it over to paint the other side.

See how it doesn't touch the bottom?

And here is is with its first coat of white paint.

Then I came inside and thought what did I get myself into?  Will this ever get done? It is such a huge project!  Then I started covering everything and taped and boy was that time consuming! Oh and you would die if you saw the top of my cabinets. I had to take everything off the top and there were inches of dust and grime!
Once I cleaned and sanded the cabinets i was able to prime. The primer (zissner)  I have dries in 1 hours so about 5 hrs later I painted. Then I had to clean everything up and get ready for  work the next day.
So stay tuned this weekend for more!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My 10lb Journey

Another Weigh in! Ugh. This week is not the greatest. but I guess I have to blog about the good, bad and the ugly! I got on the scale this morning and I gained .2lbs from last wednesday. So not only did I not lose ANY weight...I gained however I cannot get mad at the scale. I reviewed what I did this past week and its pretty pathetic. I gave myself the excuse of working on my cabinets being why I didn't work out! And I guess the shrimp nachos may have played a big part as well?
The past couple weeks I was running 2.5-3miles each day...then this past week I stopped??? Why did I stop? I justified working on my cabinets!  Ughh.  Trial and Error. I guess I have to keep working out as well as eating right (duh)
Here is a summary of my past week:
Wednesday 9/26/12 :  did NOT workout. ate well
Thursday (9/27/12) : did circuit training. ate well
Friday : did NOT workout. ate shrimp nachos at Red Lobster
Saturday: ran 30 mins (2.7 miles) ate well
Sunday: did NOT workout (worked on cabinets) ate well
Monday: did NOT workout (worked on cabinets) ate well
Tuesday: did NOT workout.  ate at Olive Garden

Writing this down is such a reality check! No wonder I didn't lose any weight. I didn't even work at it!

Even thougkh I'm not feelin' it right now I'm going to talk about my favorite apps and workouts.

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I go to Planet Fitness (clearly that didn't happen this past week). They have a circuit training workout that takes 30 minutes to complete. In that area there is also a green light-red light that goes off every 60 seconds. its designed to do high intensity jumping, stepping, jump rope...anything high intense. then the light turns red and you stop and go to a weight machine so every 60 seconds you are changing from weights to high intensity cardio. I guess you can call this a HIIT which you can read about  here.  The other days I run 2.5-3 miles although the past couple days I have not. I need to come up with a plan b  because it is getting darker a little earlier and I'm running out of daylight to go running :(

Some fitness apps I have on my phone are the following:
Sparkpeople diet tracker.
This one is helpful because this is where I track all my foods. It tells me how many calories and protein and fat etc are in each meal I eat.
Workout Trainer. 
 I love this! It is chucked full of all different types of work out routines. It also has different HIIT routines. You can even make up your own work out! You can workout for 5 minutes or 60 minutes. There are workouts for everyone. I will be using this more now that the weather is cooling down.
This keeps track of your miles and calories, time, etc.

Here's to a better week! I will leave you with this... 8 fastest ways to burn 800 calories!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Here we go "painting kitchen cabinets" is a search word I have googled for several months now. And guess what? I'm doing it, no turning back now.
Ewwww, I just hate these cabinets and this is actually the last I will see of them.

The first day is over and I didn't even start painting!  I took them down and cleaned them really good with a degreaser then sanded them. I'm not sure why I cleaned them when all I was going to do is sand it off anyway but that is what another blogger did and it just seamed right. I actually went back and forth from sanding to cleaning because after a couple hours my hands were vibrating even when I wasn't holding the sander.

Some of the cabinets needed a little wood filler.
So that delayed the process but it looks a lot better

The blog that I kept referring to is this one She emphasizes on cleaning and sanding. I have read some blogs where they didn't even mention sanding?  I don't see how the paint will stick? I even "buff" my nails before I paint them because it keeps the nail polish on for much longer. I also like the idea of lightly sanding in between coats, I have done this with other projects and it just ensures a flawless finish.  My greatest fear is that 7 months down the road I have cheap looking chipped cabinets...I would be devastated if that happens. I have also made sure to investigate other blogs. So if they finished there cabinets 6 mos ago I always look for follow up posts to see how there cabinets are holding up and so far I haven't found a horror story.

The next post will be about the 2nd day:
Here is a sneak peek:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Motivation Monday

Today I'm going to talk about what we all lose in our weight loss journey and that is mOtiVaTiOn!
It's so easy to lose motivation, I lose it all the time, even a couple times a day! 
And with my recent slip up at Red Lobster I feeling a little discouraged.   
Here is a lesson I need to study myself:
And this is me going through the different stages:

Yes! I'm going to lose 10lbs, I'm going to look so good, and I'm going to fit in my jeans!

I'm going to work out everyday-join the gym, run 3 miles.  I'm going to eat my fruits and veggies and absolutely no sweets. 

I hate working out! and If I have another apple I will chuck it at someones head instead of eating it! I want something sweet...I'm craving it!

Justify: (Delilah, you have hit the danger zone)
I really don't need to lose the weight anyway, whats another 10 lbs?  I'll work out tomorrow, besides, I did use the stars a lot today.

Choose....are you going to give up and eat those brownies? What about the chex mix?
No! get out of the danger zone!

You will experience these stages many times during your that you know what's going on you can identify it and move past it till you achieve it. made it and now you have an after picture.

Now, If I can just get the the "achieve" stage!
Some tips I have found helpful:
Change it up...I'm always changing my workout before I get sick of it. Its my diet that needs help.I get in a routine where I will eat the same foods and right now if I have another spinach shake I will vomit. ...this is the danger zone to me because that's when I start looking at garbage foods.or wanting to go thru a drive thru and justify how the foods aren't that unhealthy...yeah right.
I recently tried cauliflower Patties and wasn't too crazy about them.
I baked some sweet potatoes. They were so good I didn't even need to dress it up. sweet potatoes are a super food!  1 small sweet potato has 4g of fiber and 2g of protein. It is also good for your skin, stabilizes your blood sugar and also helps with your digestive tract! Its important to stay regular!  Anyways, gotta go~ I'm repainting my kitchen cabinets!

I'll leave you with a pix of my cheerleader!

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