Thursday, October 4, 2012

2nd day Cabinets

So the 2nd day I started priming. Always start with the back then you can put push pins or nails in it and flip it over to paint the other side.

See how it doesn't touch the bottom?

And here is is with its first coat of white paint.

Then I came inside and thought what did I get myself into?  Will this ever get done? It is such a huge project!  Then I started covering everything and taped and boy was that time consuming! Oh and you would die if you saw the top of my cabinets. I had to take everything off the top and there were inches of dust and grime!
Once I cleaned and sanded the cabinets i was able to prime. The primer (zissner)  I have dries in 1 hours so about 5 hrs later I painted. Then I had to clean everything up and get ready for  work the next day.
So stay tuned this weekend for more!

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  1. We painted our kitchen cabinets a few years ago. A ton of work but so worth it in the end! Good luck - can't wait to see the finished product.


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