Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My 10lb Journey

Another Weigh in! Ugh. This week is not the greatest. but I guess I have to blog about the good, bad and the ugly! I got on the scale this morning and I gained .2lbs from last wednesday. So not only did I not lose ANY weight...I gained however I cannot get mad at the scale. I reviewed what I did this past week and its pretty pathetic. I gave myself the excuse of working on my cabinets being why I didn't work out! And I guess the shrimp nachos may have played a big part as well?
The past couple weeks I was running 2.5-3miles each day...then this past week I stopped??? Why did I stop? I justified working on my cabinets!  Ughh.  Trial and Error. I guess I have to keep working out as well as eating right (duh)
Here is a summary of my past week:
Wednesday 9/26/12 :  did NOT workout. ate well
Thursday (9/27/12) : did circuit training. ate well
Friday : did NOT workout. ate shrimp nachos at Red Lobster
Saturday: ran 30 mins (2.7 miles) ate well
Sunday: did NOT workout (worked on cabinets) ate well
Monday: did NOT workout (worked on cabinets) ate well
Tuesday: did NOT workout.  ate at Olive Garden

Writing this down is such a reality check! No wonder I didn't lose any weight. I didn't even work at it!

Even thougkh I'm not feelin' it right now I'm going to talk about my favorite apps and workouts.

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I go to Planet Fitness (clearly that didn't happen this past week). They have a circuit training workout that takes 30 minutes to complete. In that area there is also a green light-red light that goes off every 60 seconds. its designed to do high intensity jumping, stepping, jump rope...anything high intense. then the light turns red and you stop and go to a weight machine so every 60 seconds you are changing from weights to high intensity cardio. I guess you can call this a HIIT which you can read about  here.  The other days I run 2.5-3 miles although the past couple days I have not. I need to come up with a plan b  because it is getting darker a little earlier and I'm running out of daylight to go running :(

Some fitness apps I have on my phone are the following:
Sparkpeople diet tracker.
This one is helpful because this is where I track all my foods. It tells me how many calories and protein and fat etc are in each meal I eat.
Workout Trainer. 
 I love this! It is chucked full of all different types of work out routines. It also has different HIIT routines. You can even make up your own work out! You can workout for 5 minutes or 60 minutes. There are workouts for everyone. I will be using this more now that the weather is cooling down.
This keeps track of your miles and calories, time, etc.

Here's to a better week! I will leave you with this... 8 fastest ways to burn 800 calories!

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