Tuesday, June 29, 2010

on to the next...

A while ago I was working on a flying geese quilt and did the technique of not wasting any fabric so i would get a whole bunch of these half square triangles. Well look at all the fun I'm having. There are so many things you can do with these...too many to show.
but I came up with this layout. And if you put them all facing the middle you will have a star like I did below....

But first I have to explain why 2 of the blocks are alot smaller. This picture above is how I get my 1/4 inch seam. I have to program my needle to move 1.5 to the right so I can line my fabric up to the edge of the foot. Well....every once in a while I forget to move the dial over!! UGH!!

Well then I thought, I hate it when that happens and I might as well just use my quilting foot...well look at the picture, it makes no sense at all. i hate how the edge of my fabric lays on the feed dogs. Do any of you have that problem?

SEE!...Look at the 2 blocks on the left. They are actually a full 1/4 inch smaller. But anywho, I ended up putting the quilting foot back in the drawer and I'm just going to hope I don't forget to change the settings on my machine.
So don't you just love that star block? The fabric I'm using is Three Sisters by Moda

Monday, June 28, 2010

Flock O' Geese

I just need to add a border to it but I couldn't wait to post it! I can do a red border, blue, yellow or green? I found the pattern in a book I checked out from the Library. It is called Elm Creek Quilts. Right when I saw this quilt I had to do it!
It should measure around 45 x 56 by the time I'm done with the border.

And here it is all folded up! I'm so happy with it. I made it with my left over Urban Couture fabric. Thanks for looking!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nickel Quilts

I found this book at the library, its such a good way to use up scraps.... It is called Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode. They have a whole bunch of quilts to make with 5" scraps.

This quilt really caught my eye, I just love stars and this one has a bit of a twist to it. And they have an interesting way of putting together the blocks...

Here is one that I put together and by looking at it you would think that you have to sew together a whole bunch of half triangles but the directions she gives starts out with 5"blocks. I'll show you below...

for 1 star you need 2 dark squares and 2 light squares (5")

I'm sure you all know this part, just sew them together making half triangles, well then you cut them in half...

cut it 2 1/4 one way

then 2 and 1/4 the other way

so after you do that you now have all the squares needed to make your star block.
(this is from 2 dark fabric 5 " squares and 2 light fabric 5" squares)

You can also make this square using that method....

which is used in this quilt. I want to make one of these next!
I hope I didn't completely confuse you. I don't know if this method would be faster or not? but I do like that I don't have to square up a bunch of little 2 1/4 squares.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

more quilts

So i'm on a mission to save money so I have not been purchasing any new fabric. It's actually working out great because now I am forced to finish up my existing quilts.

So remember this quilt? Well I had to change it up a bit because the step log cabin blocks were just not matching up. I could not get the fabrics straight and they were stretching and you know...all the problems you get from working with scrap quilts. I finally decided to bag it and do a different lay out...

This layout is less complicated and there is a good chance I may actually get it done in this decade!

Now this quilt is sooo cute! It's called Stars Around Town Quilt. Each little place is paper pieced. The stars are paper pieced as well. It is very time consuming. All my town buildings are done. I have to put together 11 more blocks. I started working on this in October 09' so if I can finish it in less than a year that would be fabulous!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fabric flowers

I am falling in love with them. I was able to put this one in the middle of my applique flower but you can put them on anything, your shirt, purse, headband, shoes! and all you start with is a strip of fabric and i actually used a hot glue gun to keep it together.

And I just can't seem to get enuf of these squares, they are so much fun! I think my practice from my sampler quilt is paying off cuz all the points are matching up!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Geese in the Air

I have been wanting to make a quilt like this for a while then I checked out a book from the library and it had this pattern in it!Luckily I still had some Urban Couture fabric laying around so I have been sewing and sewing like crazy trying to get it done, I actually have now finished 32 blocks. I have 10 more to go...hopefully I can get it done this weekend!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kitchen sewing

Hello Show N Tell Friday Friends!
I whipped up a couple things just in time for summer.... I have seen alot of people making these patchwork towels so I thought I would try it.
I love them!
Although I took it a step further and did an applique that says "you are my sunshine" I don't know if I should display that part in my kitchen. I don't want it to look like a little kiddie kitchen. I kinda felt like I was in a daycare...??? Especially with the polka dot curtains...

Then I found this daisy at Ben Franklin for $3bucks! So I picked it up. And I had this tray laying around, it use to be red with a rooster and I painted it white and stuck the flower on it. Not bad huh?

And I used the yellow polka dot fabric from "Make Life" (Love that fabric line)

Thanks for looking!! Click on the link to see Amylouwho's Lonestar Wall Hanging, it is absoulutely amazing! And there are plenty other sewing projects to get you inspired!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Power of Paint

So I have had this nightstand for about 20 years and it needed some spunk! and I want it to match my bedroom. It was not until running across this blog
that gave me the push to do it.
After sanding it, I used 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint then sprayed a gloss finish on it and look what i got.....
Oh and I turned the doors inside out so they wouldn't have those grooves in them but now it looks a little plain. There are several things I can do to give it a cute look, i just haven't decided yet.

Thanks for looking, click on the Power of Paint link to get other ideas and inspiration!

Friday, June 4, 2010

pink picnik

My Show N' Tell Friday is a quilt, I'm showing you another practice on the Long Arm! It's just a little quilt because I'm still practicing. I used all my scraps which I love! I did not go out and buy new fabric for this one...which is a huge accomplishment for me!
And here is the back, I think it turned out okay.

Thanks for looking! Check out the other quilts on Amy Lou's Blog!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its finished!

After 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of white paint it is finished! I built this all by myself with the inspiration of http://www.knock-offwood.com/ It is 50" long and 15" tall. The best part is...the cost was $12.97!

I'm not sure if I like how simple it is. I think I'm going to add some crown molding to the bottom. I can even add some square wood and a nob to the front to make it look like it has drawers. This designing furniture thing is kinda fun.

But you see, i think it's too plain for my room...
So I went ahead and added the crown molding....my husband showed me how to use the miter saw.

This picture is where my inspiration came from. I love the simplicity of this bench but I don't know that I can pull it off in my room. But I think I did a pretty good job copying the look of it.

And here is a picture of it in the beginning. Lowes cut the wood for me so really all you need is a drill and a lot of paint for this project. It only took me about 2 hours to build and the wood for it was $12.97! Wow, what a deal!
And the coolest part is.....
I made it without my hubby! Check out all the other projects by clicking the link!

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