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flower head bands

My friend had a baby shower so I decided to make some homemade gifts. I love these cute flowers, I can't get enough. For this one I started with a piece of felt cut into a circle and glued some tule to it. Then I adjusted the stitch length to 4.5 to gather the fabric Then you just wind it into a circle  This time I'm just going to turn it over and apply glue (hot glue) all over the bottom of it then place it on the felt circle.  There, that makes it clean, fast and easy. (you'll see the flower if I turn it over) So I love it! and I just attached it to some white cotton that I made into a head band. To make this one I just attached tule to the top of it and gathered it all together at the same time. And here is a picture of how to gather in case there is someone out there that does not know how. You just pull the string after you have sewn it on the longest stitch length. And while on my flower kick I made another flower necklace I love it, it is so cute and I want it f

More projects!

I have soooo many goals/projects around my house. I repainted my railings , installed board and batten and refinished a dresser which is what the t.v will go on. but I still need to finish this vintage suitcase.... And what color will it be painted?... White of course!   This is where my inspiration came from. Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest And I need a coffee table for my new room too. Check out this one... Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest Don't you just love it??? I love it and Funky junk interiors is a fabulous website!


Board and Batten Walls! Please ignore my ugly couch..that is why I have my quilt over it. But I love it, it looks fabulous and I could not do it without the help of my husband..Now I just need to get my white couches. I'm saving up for them...they are the slip cover couches from ikea!   I still want to attach another 1x2 to the top so there will be a ledge. Next thing to do is decide on some wall decor. here is a close up..I  used 1x2x4 and this post gives you details of what I went through. It was harder than i thought! and I used Ana Whites Tutorial    however I spaced my "sticks" 8 inches apart. So this is just the beginning of my new living room, I will show you updated pictures when I get my new couches and coffee table. I have great plans for the future! Thanks for looking, I'm linking up to these parties...

itty bitty sewing...

i have been working on home improvements and in between I was able to sew. It is my favorite..I love working with fabric, I love ironing it. A friend at work wanted me to make her a necklace and I think it turned out adorable. I want to have it for me! However I don't know when I will have time to make another one. I put some cute pearls in the middle of it. baby bibs And then I did a little sewing for babies! I have a baby shower to go to next weekend so I made these cute bibs and I'm going to make some headbands too. I love this yellow flower!  Thanks for looking. I got to get back to finishing my board n' batten

DIY board and batten walls

Are you kidding me? You all make it seem so easy...even purchasing the boards is hard work! I went to lowes to by the 1x2x4 and I wanted to make sure they were 4'height and they were all different. I would have to come home and cut them myself anyway so I ended up buying the 8ft long boards and cut them myself. I positioned my saw so that when I would line the board up against the wall then that is where I would cut it..just to ensure they were all going to be the same length.. and I did measure and mark it also..I did a better job than Lowes because the other day I had them cut the wood for me cuz I just had a demo wood, so I good go home and see if that was the length that I wanted and when I gave him the wood to cut it was off by 1/2 inch he just looked at me and said "oops" in an Elmer Fudd   voice. So here they are all the same length...yes you can see that not all of them lay straight. That will be a big big problem when you try to nail them to the wall. I had n

railing project....

boy was this hard work!!  And sOOOo time consuming. I always read about how hard kitchen cabinets are but railings? No one warned me about these. At least with kitchen cabiniets you don't have to deal with a bunch of grooves. So this is the before picture, not a pretty the next few months I will be transforming my ugly traditional living room into a cottage inspired room. In order to do that I had to do something with these what to do? Paint them white! That has been my answer for everything lately. I think the most time cosuming part was priming. My daughter helped me sand them down but if you notice the little grooves in each railing..not a good thing, I started priming last weekend at 9:30 pm and did not get done until 2:30 am!  5 hours of priming!! I never saw that one coming. This is the primer I use for everything..i might be repeating myself from the last post but I love how the fumes are low and it dries fast. So then I start the painting and look