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weekly weigh in

My week went well! Here are my stats: sw: 152 cw: 145.8 gw: 136 Last week I weighed 147.8 so that is a 2 lb loss! My new habit of getting up at 6am is working out wonderfully! I don't even think about it or try to negotiate it in my head- I JUST DO IT!   I think the logic from my last post has helped so much. COMMENTS ON MY SEMINAR While sitting in class I realized I'm a healthy fit person!  I just never have given myself the credit. What I have to point out though is that it did not happen overnight. When I think back I did make small changes here and there. For instance, I use to be hooked on diet coke, then there was a phase of tortilla chips! I use to eat them with every meal.  Oreo cookies are my weakness even  still.   And I didn't just one day wake up and cut all of this out of my was baby steps and look where I am now, I don't eat any processed foods, no cereal, no protein bars, no t.v dinners.  It is all natural. If you