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weekly weigh in

London Zoo Weigh In Day!
My week went well!
Here are my stats:
sw: 152
cw: 145.8
gw: 136
Last week I weighed 147.8 so that is a 2 lb loss!

My new habit of getting up at 6am is working out wonderfully! I don't even think about it or try to negotiate it in my head- I JUST DO IT!  I think the logic from my last post has helped so much.

While sitting in class I realized I'm a healthy fit person!  I just never have given myself the credit. What I have to point out though is that it did not happen overnight. When I think back I did make small changes here and there. For instance, I use to be hooked on diet coke, then there was a phase of tortilla chips! I use to eat them with every meal.  Oreo cookies are my weakness even  still.   And I didn't just one day wake up and cut all of this out of my was baby steps and look where I am now, I don't eat any processed foods, no cereal, no protein bars, no t.v dinners.  It is all natural.

If you are unhappy with your life then do something about it! If you are unhappy with your weight then do something about it!
Take responsibility!   I am constantly surrounded by people who are not living the lives they want but will not take initiative to change, they want to blame other people.   If you don't like your career, your living situation, your relationship, your weight then CHANGE!   I don't understand why everyone tip toes around this situation.  People are always giving advice on going to college, where you should live, where to invest money, who you should marry ..even how to be a parent! but no one would ever dare tell an overweight person to lose weight!  Isn't this crazy? Why do we give them excuses?
Whenever the issue of obesity comes up it is always followed by excuses like depression, medical issues, it;s hereditary...well don't you think those are reasons to take control of  your weight? But people use those reasons to justify why they are overweight!
I have to leave you with this post from  THE HOUSE OF SMITHS  Most of you are aware of this blog. She is very talented and so cute,  her blog is about making improvement in her family and home and recently she even started blogging about her weight!  I hope it can inspire you.


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