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Easy Quilt Binding Technique

  Today I will show you a quick and easy quilt binding technique, this is going to be a mini quilt project...great for beginners!…I will show you how to finish a quilt without the separate piece of binding. There may be some mistakes along the way…I’m going to quilt using my walking foot and just doing straight lines, we will listen to some music and have some fun… Here is the link for the free gingham quilt pattern in the big version. And if you want to see how I made this then you can watch this video: ​ I gotta tell you half way through this I wanted to put it in my abandon pile because the binding did not turn out how I wanted it but lt ended up being beautiful…so thanks for sticking with me. Click here to join the quilting party. SOME AFFILIATE LINKS: Spray basting: ​ Warm and natural: ​ The quilt project I make today is 13x13” made of solid color fabrics from Art Gallery. This is such an Easy