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crochet slippers

What do you think? I love them and you would not believe how EASY they are! Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest These slippers are what gave me the inspiration and I'm so happy she posted a simple tutorial on her blog. The flowers that I added were my own pattern. I heart yarn! So these ones I made as a gift so they don't fit me.. See, they are a little baggy around the ankle but for a size 9 foot it will feet perfect. I immediately wanted a pair for myself, here is a little work in progress of them. And here they are on me! So snug warm and perfect! I would like to  embelish them a little but my feet were cold and I was in a hurry.    Hope you like what you see! I'm going to make More, more more!   Here are some more ideas for slippers that I found on pinterest: Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest

Kitchen Sewing

Christmas is over! So today I did a bit of sewing for myself.   not sure why it's so blurry?  I was in major need of some hot pads so I made a few. The binding on it isn't really binding, it's fake! I just sewed it on first then sandwhiched the batting and backing After sewing the right sides together then turn it inside out. See..the binding is fake. Then I made some crochet washcloths The colorful one on top is kinda wonky, it doesn't seem so noticeable here but its not a complete square...Its all good though. I really just love the bright colors   I almost don't want to use them because they look so pretty but they are the best washcloths.  The yarn used is Sugar & Cream cotton.  Thanks for looking and happy sewing!

Some favorites for christmas gifts

So we all know how addicting pinterest is but I'm sure you will all agree it is an inspiration overload! I browse and want to pin and make everything  ...but by the  time I'm done with that site I don't know what to make!! So I decided to look on my own blog and in my own sewing room for ideas. purse pincushion   How adorable is this? It's a great gift for someone who sews. Owl Pin cushions   Another great gift for fellow sewers. Market Bag - This is a gift that anyone can appreciate. My pattern came from a simplicity pattern I picked up for .99cents however there are several tutorial all over the internet you can find. Box Bags   Here is another one of my favorites!  You wouldn't believe it is made with with one piece of fabric!  This will be a good gift for anyone. And then what I made this weekend was a couple more bags! I love small patchwork and applique. this one was very time consuming but worth it. And I still love the bags with clear

saturday weigh in

I'm a little late on this post. Blame it on this guy: It's hard to balance sewing and fitness (and blogging)  So I weighed in at 145lbs last weeks weigh in 144.4 So I gained .6   Not bad considering how bad my habits have been. I have been eating horribly.  Fruit Snacks, Special K then my mom made spring roles and I think I ate 8 of them!!! and I have no idea how many calories they are. So today when I went to the gym I had no energy. I got on the eliptical and I felt so slumpy. I have got to eat healthier again. Anywho, gotta get back to sewing. I have attached some items on my wish list just for fun! Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest Christmas List by delilahthomas featuring adidas s

unfinished projects

Another great gift!   I found these in a basket. I forgot all about them. I started making them a couple months ago then put them away...I discovered them this morning. Perfect timing too! This will make a great gift. Although I could use hot pads myself. These are really nice because I made the pocket that you can stick your hand in. And for the binding I'm going to hand stitch it. That is my favorite way. here is my snowman stitchery that I have never finished...all he needs is a face. I always do this! start a new project before I finish the other. I just felt like sewing half square triangles so I am making these out of hot pads...before I even have the first set of hot pads finished.  Hopefully I can' wrap up all these unfinished projects this weekend.

An owl is born!

I love this little guy, isn't he so cute? He is suppose to be a pin cushion. This is one of my favorite projects and it is the cutest gift to give.  You can find the pattern from  Their are a lot of cute projects on their site. You can find my other owl pincushions from this post.   So here is a rundown of how he was born.  I love selecting the fabrics. I found the owl stands out more when you use a contrasting color. Once you put the face on you are going to sew the front to the back and turn it inside out. When I started stuffing my owl I used cotton stuffing first to shape the ears.  I also shift the stuffing to the edges  Then I pour these walnut shells into the middle of the owl. The reason why I like to use walnut shells is because it gives the owl (or any pincushion) weight. Make sure you stuff, stuff and more stuff. You will want your owl to be plump!  then just hand stitch it shut. I used a hot glue gun to attach the