Friday, March 12, 2021

Sewing Scrap Projects! A Quilted Bag.

Don't you just love all this fabric goodness? 

In todays episode we will dive into scraps of fabric again! Do you have a fabric stash?

I will show you How to sew a small pouch with a zipper
I will also show you a quick way to make it into the box style

AND…you will see will never before seen footage of me trying to top stitch around the zipper…its quite interesting... So click the link for the full Video tutorial.

You will Need 42 2x2” fabric squares Handle 3x 7.5" zipper tag pull 3x2" Zipper Warm and Natural-or other type of batting A Walking foot would be nice to quilt the squares The panel needs to Measure: 12x9.5” Inner lining will also need to measure 12x9.5”

Some supplies you will need for this project


Spray basting:

insul- bright

Warm and natural:

And if you are looking for other scrap fabric project ideas then you will find them here:  

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