Wednesday, March 30, 2011

girl on a swing

This is so precious!

It's from this blog:

So I decided to start my own...

I am so glad I saved alot of itty bitty materials, I love  putting all these cute straps to good use.

I'm so easily distracted..this project should have only taken a couple days but I keep having other projects come my way. Hopefully I can wrap this up soon. Thanks for looking!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just add ruffles...

I picked up the long sleeve shirt for $4.
I cut off the sleeves to use for ruffles then I cut them 4" wide.

And then I also used lace in the mix.

And then....Wah Lah!! I love it and she loves it, so ... a job well done!
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

so simple

I found this coupon book for 50 cents so I picked it up.
I was not too fond of the design so of course that was a great reason to wrap it in fabric!
I just sprayed it with adhesive and...
TA DAH!  not too bad huh?
I like this one much better.

And then I made this cute scarf that involves no sewing. I know there are
so many tutorials out there but I couldn't find one using the technique I used. UGGH sorry guys.
But this is the one that you use a dinner plate to cut the circles then take your scissors and cut them in a spiral.

Then you get these ringlets...and I'll be back, I'm going to try to search some more cuz the scarf is so much fun to make

Friday, March 25, 2011

flowers have bloomed!!

I have been working on these for a while and I'm so glad I stuck with it!
I owe it all to the Flower Bed blog seeing all those pretty flowers kept me going!

I made all different sizes and altered the sitches slightly to get a differnt look.
But I used a small B hook for all the flowers.

And I made it for my daughter, she has to wear uniform colors so I made this with those colors and she wore it to school today. I'm curious to see if they make her take it may be too bold?
So if this has got you inspired then grab a hook and link it up to
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

a little inspiration....

I had this plain turtleneck that needed a makeover but I needed some inspiration!

So browsing the internet I go...
I love this shirt!!! But it's not tank top time yet...soon, but I wanted to be able to wear it right away.

Then I found this, cute and simple huh? Just sew the ruffles to the side of the shirt..easy huh?
i cut the neck part off
And started my gathering to create the ruffles

Then I drew a line where the ruffle needs to be placed so I know where to sew it.
And tada! It's finished.
I know its not as great as the picture...probably will look better without the long sleeves but it's still cold here in Utah!!
Thanks for looking!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Crochet

I made a navy blue crochet flower headband for my daughter and it turned out so cute, she wore it to school and we didn't think much of it. Well all the girls absolutely loved it and said they would pay her to make one! we did, I made a red one (which i didn't have time to take a picture of) and this pink one and her friends paid $3 each for them....kinda exciting huh?
I love these ones with the chains as the band...they are so cute and kinda hippie looking.
Thanks for looking!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cupcakes & Milkshakes.

Again, I love my applique book! My friend from work asked me to make her this...
Her daughters name is London and her birthday is coming up.

I think the back goes great..milkshakes with cupcakes, good mix.

I don't really know what I would do with it or what she is going to do with it. I guess you can frame it? Or hang it up like this....No matter what you do it's soooo cute!!
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Keeping It Simple

Friday, March 11, 2011

Puppy place mat

Reminder: don't try to do things when you are tired! I'm working on a placemat for my cute dog and I started  binding it using the pillow case method.
Why? I had the binding ready and everything so I had to unpick it and then the backing fabric I used was a nightmare and was fraying out of control.
So this is what I ended up with and decided it was time to go to bed.
Woke up the next day and things went alot smoother. I love applique'

And so does my dog! He is named after Danny Zuko from Grease.
I did an all over swirl stitching.

The backing is, well..i'll just say it.... ugly but good thing no one will see the back. I like the binding though...
and most importantly....

Zuko likes it!!!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

$2.99 turtleneck

Okay ladies, you need to go out and buy some turtlenecks while they are on clearance! You will love them for summer. Just cut the sleaves off so you have a tank top and plenty of fabric left to embelish it.
Ugh, I hate to even think of turtlenecks! but I bought this one knowing that I was going to transform it into something great.
haha, it is so unflaterring..funny thing is, if I would have tried it on in the store I probably wouldn't have bought it because it was soooo unflattering. But look what I did!!!
I never imagined it would turn out this cute!
First thing I did was cut off the neck, then I cut the sleeves off and used them as the ruffles!
I always like to use my free motion foot when attaching the ruffles. My walking foot is way to big and a regular foot smashes the ruffles and doesn't keep them even. I do have a ruffle foot but don't know how to use it.
Taaa Daaa! It's so springy!! It's still cold outside so my pix is taken inside and the color is not quite right on my camera, it's such a cute spring yellow.
As you can see in the pix I kept some of the sleeves (my arms are chubby) and I just gathered them up. Also I sewed a little elastic using the zigzag stitch around the waist to give it an empire waist look. I wish I would have taken pictures of those details I just don't have much patience. I like to just "get 'er done"!

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