Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a mini

So I'm done with the top...
I have a saying "A quilt is only as cute as the fabric"
I absolutely love the layout of this but not too impressed by the fabric...but it's okay, I got this fabric for cheep, cheap, cheep! and it was specifically for this project, I have been wanting to try out this argyle pattern for a while and wanted to just practice. Now I will have to do a big one using some of my favorite Moda fabrics.

This is also my first mini quilt! And I bet I will like it more once it is quilted and binded.

Argyle quilt?

I saw the easy idea for this on my favorite website: Flickr!

I just wanted to post something so you know that I am sewing. I have so many works in project right now! I'm excited to get them all done.
This is well done by quiltcircle but of course mine is going to be slightly different. You will soon see! I'm not done with it yet....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Sewing

I took a rest from my sampler quilt and started working on this...Now I can see why these wonky log cabins are so popular! There are so fun and easy to make. You don't need to take measurements, follow a pattern or worry about your points matching up! What a good break, it's just casual sewing. I only have one pattern in the mix and the rest are solids.
I got the idea for this particular quilt from Tallgrass Prairie Studio
I love how she can make a quilt look fabulous just by using solid colors.
(sorry my pictures are so crappy, my computer crashed so I'm making the best with what I got)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

sampler quilt

Slowly but surely it is coming together. ..I have always been impressed by these sampler quilts however I enjoy making modern quilts a little more. I love being able to show off the pretty fabrics. As I am working on this I find that it is so "busy" ...meaning, triangle here, flying gease there...just a whole bunch of pieces going everywhere... so much going on. still have a ways to go on this one.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

laptop sleeve

Yes I am still sewing! I have just been busy spring cleaning, getting ready for a garage sale and we are soon taking a road trip!
We are taking a trip soon so I needed a cover case for my laptop so after shopping around I found that they are around $20bucks for a basic one that doesn't even hold the charger, so since I had some sturdy decorater fabric laying around I decided to make one myself.... The best part is, I picked up this fabric from Ikea a while back for $.99 a yard! what a steal! and I think this is cuter than the ones at the stores.
And I didn't have a pattern, I just took measurements! Thanks for looking

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At Last..

So after piecing 30 blocks together I finally got the last two right! The points actually match up on these ones! I think the problem was that I was not sewing in a straight line and I kept screwing up on my 1/4" seam. So what I did was move my needle 1.5 to the right that way I could use the edge of my sewing foot as my guide....
And just in time too, now I have to do 31 more of this block below...but I love how all the little white squares are matching up. This is going to be a L O N G process.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Easter Bunny Cuteness

I love this! It is perfect for Easter don't ya think? I bought the applique pattern and tea towel at Ben Franklin. I love the polka dots. But then I made these hotpads and I can't tell if they are cute or cheesy? I had the hardest time trying to pick out the perfect background fabric.

Friday, March 5, 2010

For the love Verna

I had some Verna fabric left over from my last table runner so I made another. I it goes so well with the Bijoux (pink swirls) fabric from Heather Bailey. Then I made another table runner (I will be giving these away) from the Nicey Jane fabrics from Heather Bailey. I used the disappearing nine patch pattern which I think displays the fabrics very well.

Thanks for Looking! Take time to look at all the Show n' Tells on Amy Lou's Blog.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scraps used wisely

I found this pattern in the Country Registry newsletter.
National Quilting Day is March 20th and they provided this quilt that you can make and give to families of our Troops! It's a great way to use your scraps too. The Pattern is called "Tie One On" Then I was well overdue for a thread catcher. It was already full of thread before it was even finished! Hopefully my vacuum can live thread free now.

Sewing Scrap Projects! A Quilted Bag.

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