Saturday, July 31, 2010


This is what I am currently working on. I'm trying to do the technique where the same color makes one block but i'm not sure if that was the best idea. I don't think I have enough scraps to do that.
I guess I will keep going till I run out. and I used linen for the sashing because I had soooo much of it. not sure that was the right choice but I'm trying not to buy more fabric so i just went with what I had.  Anywho, I will continue to post the progress.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cup cozy

I always freeze my waterbottles and it was a mess when the water would melt and the outside would leave a trail of water all over my desk so I would always have to wrap it up with a napkin so I had these scraps laying around and decided to quilt and put velcro on it to hold it in place.

This one measures 12.4 x 3". If I were to do it again I would make it 4" wide but this is just what I had laying around.

Mine is kinda simple but you can put ric rac on it or a flower or I even think using a button rather than velcro would cuter but believe it or not....I still don't know how to attach a button with my machine!  and I don't really want to do it by hand.
Anyway, it does it's job!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

not a quilt...

I made a shirt. I'm running out of clothes to wear...I actually made this shirt a while ago but decided to add some flowers...
These fabric flowers are popping up everywhere! I'm glad though, its a cute embelishment.

The pattern I used is a simplicity one I picked up from JoAnne's for .99 cents. I purchased some fabric from for $2.95 so I'm going to make another shirt like this...I just have to be patient for the mail to come. It is westminster fabric...very trendy, can't wait.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lets wrap it up...

 So it happened to me again! I get the fabric placed under the presser foot, turn my machine on and I go to put the pedal to the metal and nothing is there? Where is my foot pedal? My daughter took it! She thinks it is the funniest joke! She will take it and hide it. hahaha, yeah at first it is funny then after a couple minutes I'm like "okay jokes over!"  But we are jokesters in my house. Has anyone pulled that on you before?  My husband is the one that gave her that Idea. He hid it from me a while ago and got a kick out of it.

Anywho- I always try to clean up my sewing room on Sundays since I won't have that much time during the work week so I decided to tackle my scrap bin.

So I took ALL this and turned it into....
This! I cut up a bunch of 3" squares and 2 1/2" squares. But then right after I did that I found a tutorial for a heartstrings quilt which is not squares but STRIPS!! UGHH.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pop Star Update

It's binded and ready to snuggle!
I just love this picture! The colors are so wonderful don't ya think?
I just couldn't  decide on what  fabric to use for the binding so I just did a scrappy binding. I also did NOT hand blind stitch the binding on.I actually did the whole thing on  my machine and I think it turned out okay. The trick is to pin, pin, pin and use more pins to keep the binding in place as you sew.
 If you have followed my blog for a while I think you'll understand why so many picturues....I just love taking pictures!

And here is the back. I just used the same fabric, no piecing on the back. I purchased this fabric from for $2.95 a yard!!! It was when they had there Westminster Blowout Sale. Gotta love em.
and here is a pics of the whole back of the quilt.
And I just threw this one in for eye candy!
And the last pic!..The quilt in its entirety! 
Oh-and some people have asked...I did machine quilt this myself, I used a freehand feather design. Also, I did not have a pattern for this. I just used 3" squares from my favorite scraps! Happy quilting!

Friday, July 23, 2010

an attempt at feathers

Time for Sew n' Tell...

Some of you may have already seen this quilt. It is my
I had the top finished so long ago...
And FINALLY I quilted it!  It took me so long to quilt because I did not know what design to use.
So I went with the  feather design. I think it turned out okay.  I just really wish I would have used a thicker batting. I am still in search of the perfect batting. I want something a tad more thicker than warm n natural.This quilt does have a lot of mistakes  because it was one of my first quilts. The whites i used were really cheap fabric so you can actually see thru it to the backing fabric!! If I would have used thicker batting that would not have happened plus it would have hid the squares not matching up on the front....but you quilt and you learn!

Now I need to get working on the binding. I have not decided what fabric to use for it yet but next week I will post the binding and let you see the back!
Thank you for looking!  And I have to mention that AMY Lou Who's blog party is my favorite! Click on the link to see all the other Sew & Tells!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Puppy Paws

Here is a peek at the next quilt I will be quilting. I'm going to try straight line quilting  I will echo quilt around the paw prints. I love the applique. I need to start adding applique to all my is SEW cute!

Monday, July 19, 2010

2 quilts at once..

I am naming this quilt "cloudy day"
This quilt is suppose to be masculine...i think i got it down!
What is great about flying geese is that when you are done making them you get half square triangles as well. (if you follow the certain technique) Sorry I didn't post the technique that I used but I think most of you know what I'm sayn'.
Here are the half square triangles. I searched "half square triangles" on flickr and you would not believe all the different layouts you can have. It's going to be a tough decission on what I am going to do with them. I think I will do this one. It keeps it more modern. I'll keep ya posted.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

flock o geese complete

f you don't like pictures then I don't think you will like this post. (haha)
Here it is on the longarm...ready to come to life!
And here is a close up of the stippling. I realize straight line quilting would have been ideal but unfortunatly stipplin is all I have really mastered on the longarm
I just did a one piece fabric on the back

And here is the binding..(I hand stitch  my binding)
and here he is all folded up being a good boy! (yes I am referring my quilt to a boy? oh no.)
and just a couple more pix just for fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tillie's Treasure

Putting together the Tillies Treasure quilt.
And my buddy Zuko is with me every step of the way!
He always has to be right there! He likes to lay on my blocks as soon as I lay them down.

Friday, July 9, 2010

UPS Stopped By!

I have to give a shout out to
If it weren't for them I don't know how I could afford to quilt. Designer fabric is expensive!!
This is what came in the mail..backing for a couple of quilts of mine. I bought 9 yards of fabric for...guess how much?? $28. bucks!! What a steal! They had a Westminster Blowout Sale and they also have a great selection of clearance fabric. Make sure you check it out.

Here is a sneek peak of the back of one of my quilts. The fabric is Del Hi by Valori Wells. It was on sale for $3.95 a yard...can't beat that.

quilty quilts

I'm not completely done with this quilt. I just couldn't wait to show you!
I still have to complete the binding...I don't know if this is just a bad picture or what but it almost looks too quilted? I did an all over stipple since that is the only one that I am good at on the long arm.

I want to learn how to do straight quilting on the long arm but I think there is a specific ruler needed for it and none of my local quilt shops have them. I have seen them online and some are $20. while others are $55! Why? I need some feedback on what kind to get....

And this quilt is completely finished now... There are better pictures of it in my previous post.

And the back is just a plain pink with a little detail... I can't believe how well the quilting is showing up, remember, I'm just learning and the swirls is a new design I'm trying. It's all freehand that is probably why it doesn't look the best but I still love it!

Thanks for looking! Check out the other links below...

Monday, July 5, 2010

amy butler quilt

Here is one I put together a long time was just sitting around waiting to be quilted.
I decided to do my own freehand swirly design I'm still learning so it is not the best but this is a little close up. I will show you the full quilt once I have the binding finished. The back is pretty cute too. Stay tuned...


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Runner..

I'm sure you have noticed that all my table runners look the same... That is because I just love the strippy runners! It's a great way to show off my favorite fabrics...Verna, Nicey Jane and some Amy Butler. Oh and I put some linen in it too.

And the backing is also from Nicey Jane. This runner was suppose to be for the spring time but as you can see i'm about 3 months behind...I'll save it for next year.

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