Friday, October 31, 2008

This is just a random little guy who came trick or treating, he dressed up as KISS!

George and Devin!

Spider Man Lijah!

He is showing of his muscles!

Trick or Treat!

He sat by the door and let me know when trick o treaters came by!

Zuko was a little pumpkin again this year!

Happy Halloween!

Chloe was a scare crow!

Today was so much fun, I had it off and had Carley and Chloe, I got them ready and took them to visit Lissa at her work.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Butterfly by: Kathryn Harvey

This book is very caliente'! A girl named Rachel meets a guy named Danny Mckay when she is 14. He drops her off at a whore house and every once in a while he comes back to visit her, during one of those visits he gets her pregnant then drives her to a building where a dr waits to give her an abortion, Danny then leaves her on the side of the road to bleed to death. Well she doesn't and from that point on she devotes the rest of her life to get even with him. Well the scum bag becomes an evangelist and decides to run for president. That is when his walls come crashing down. In the meantime she developed a place where successful women could go and hook up with a man that will fulfil there fantasy! I love the end, this would be the perfect movie!

The Glass Castle by: Jeannette Walls

This is one of my favorite books! I love the character in it! She did not make herself out to be the victim. Jeanette was the 2nd to oldest child and her parents neglected the children. Most of the time the kids were on their own trying to find food to eat! The dad was a drunk and the mom was too selfish. My favorite part was when she made home made braces because her teeth were too bad.The parents would do things that made your jaw drop. One time they were moving across country and rented a u-haul. All three kids sat in the u-haul and they had to hold their 2 month old baby sister. It was pitch black for about 8 hrs for the kids..they didn't even get to stop for a potty break. But in the end the children moved to New York as soon as they were 18 and led successful lives while their parents ended up homeless. That was the life they chose to live.

She's Come Undone by: Wally Lamb

Now I understand why the book was so popular! The author has a way of getting in your head. The girl goes through ups & downs which makes you realize if you were to write a book about yourself you would be suprirse at how many ups and downs you had. She's raped at 13, gains 275lbs. steals letters from her college roomate, has sex with a girl, tries to commit suicide, goes to a half way house, has abortion, gets married, gets a divorce, there is just so much to list but her life continues to move on. It is not a happy ending which keeps it realistic but it is a story of when she was about 4 years old until she is about 40 yrs old. This is a good read, I would recommend it to anyone who is mentally stable. If you are not then this book will probably make you week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stranger Beside Me by: Ann Rule

Suprisingly this is my favorite book so far. I had to read it for my book club otherwise I would have never picked this one up. It was mind boggling to read the things he got away with. He was a very lucky man! Don't worry, it's not graffic, anyone can read it. Even though it was so good it was not a fast read. after every couple of pages I had to put the book down to absorb all the information. It is packed full of interesting information, I was writing notes throughout the whole book because I didn't want to forget any of it. Some of the reasons he was able to talk to so many women and get him in his car is that he would walk around with crutches so they would help him out. Also he was a very handsome man. Beware of men with crutches! All I can say is read it! Then come back and post your opinion.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Twilight November 21st!

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

Tickets are on sale November 4th! Me and my daughter are going to get tickets to the midnight showing!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Stolen Innocence By: Elissa Wall

I was taken back by this girls bravery! I love this book, when I think back to the things she has been through it chokes me up! Married when she was 14, she had 4 miscarriages by the time she was 15, one of them took place in a gas station! Polygamist don't go to hospitals, they try to avoid dr's, medications etc at all costs. Warren Jeffs is a monster, he led everyone to believe he was a profit. When they finally caught him he was in a Cadillac Escallade. They found 27 stacks of $100. bills..the total about of money in cash was $54,000! They also found 15 cell phones, walkie talkies, gps units, police scanner, knives, wigs. They also found a bag of tithing letters that were opened just enough for him to get the money! He never read there prayers, he didn't care. Then while he was in prison his brother Nephi comes to visit him and Warren tells him "I am not the Prophet" And he actually confesses his wrong doings!
Read the book!

This is Zuko before his morning coffee...

and this is Zuko after...

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New Moon By: Stephanie Meyer

Jake is not as passionate as Edward so the book was not as exciting but it is still a good book. I just hate how in the beginning of the book Edward wants to buy her a nice car and she doesn't want to take it! I would love to have a new car. I picture her truck to be really cold inside, for some reason I don't think the heater works?. But I love how Edward takes her to prom and it's super hot that she has two guys wanting her. I would pick Edward all the way!

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