Friday, October 3, 2008

Stolen Innocence By: Elissa Wall

I was taken back by this girls bravery! I love this book, when I think back to the things she has been through it chokes me up! Married when she was 14, she had 4 miscarriages by the time she was 15, one of them took place in a gas station! Polygamist don't go to hospitals, they try to avoid dr's, medications etc at all costs. Warren Jeffs is a monster, he led everyone to believe he was a profit. When they finally caught him he was in a Cadillac Escallade. They found 27 stacks of $100. bills..the total about of money in cash was $54,000! They also found 15 cell phones, walkie talkies, gps units, police scanner, knives, wigs. They also found a bag of tithing letters that were opened just enough for him to get the money! He never read there prayers, he didn't care. Then while he was in prison his brother Nephi comes to visit him and Warren tells him "I am not the Prophet" And he actually confesses his wrong doings!
Read the book!

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