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another top

Since this butterick pattern (5463)  is so easy I decided to make more! I love Nicey Jane Fabrics! And I love how every top is so different even though I used the same pattern. You will notice on this top I pleated it in the middle and it is because this fabric is a little more heavy weight so it doesn't lay quit right so that is why I added the pleats. If you hop over to my last post you will see it only takes about 45 minutes to make one top....but if you are going to make 1 then you might as well make 2! I love how it appears to have sleeves however I did not sew a different piece for the sleeves. All you do is sew the front to the back hem the raw edges! This one is more casual and made out of a thin knit and I didn't make a sashing for it. It's not my favorite top but just something I whipped up! but this one is my absolute favorite and I'm going to enter it in the spring top sew along. I'm also going to link up to these parties too: 

spring tops

Easy! Easy! Easy! I promise! Only 2 pieces! Now do I have your attention? I made 2 of these in about 1hr 30mins. The secret is to cut out the fabric for 2 shirts.   Pinning and cutting the fabric is the most consuming part...  so you might as well cut 2 out at the same time. This is the pattern I used. Its a butterick pattern for a blouse. I followed the instructions for the light blue shirt in the front. And is only 2 pieces! Sew the front to the back and finish off the raw edges. I love how it has sleeves but you don't need to cut out a separate piece to make the sleeves.        I didn't make a sash(belt) for them but I think the orange one needs one. this floral one is just very casual. So have I inspired you? It's a great way to add to your wardrobe.   And I also made 2 more!  Well, I made another one with Nicey Jane Fabric and I have to sew up the other one....They come in two's! I will be sure to share those with you as well. (in another post) So I f

Nicey Jane Pillows

I love Heather Bailey fabrics. If I choose her fabrics for a project I know it will turn out great! All I went for this time is some simple pillows.  The color is perfect and so is the design. Source: via Liz on Pinterest  These are all the fabrics in that line. I used my 10 minute tutorial pattern to make these. And this is where you will find my cute shorkie on a sunday afternoon. Here is a table mat I made last year out of nicey jane fabrics. And I looove this table runner!! I just love Nicey Jane fabrics.   Source: via Lily on Pinterest Here is another example of how pretty the fabrics are. I found a pix of this beautiful little dress!  This is the same material that I have that I want to make into a skirt....I can't wait to show you! For now I'm linking up here:

mini quilt complete!

I joined in on the New York Beauty Quilt A Long. I have shown the top before but now it is quilted and binded! i'm not very good at picking a quilting design so I just followed the triangles from the white triangles. And I just used it as a guide as I quilted it. The correct term is Shadow Quilting. and here is the design from the back. I think the quilting turned out pretty cool from the back. and the scrappy binding really stands out on this side. I pulled the pattern for the paper piecing block from the website And here are some details on the binding. I Love the mitered corners, I love when they turn out perfect!     I did a blind hem stitch on the back and I decided on a scrappy binding because I could not decide on just one fabric. I love the blind hem stitch and do this when I'm not pressed for time. It's so relaxing and the best part because its then end you know your project is almost complete, its the last ste

suitcase decor

Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest I love these suitcases!  We don't have a lot of thrift stores or second hand stores in my area, there is an antique store but they will rack up the price to about $150 for a trunk like this. Source: via delilahthomas on Pinterest After seeing these in blogland I had to have one of my own. Then I happen to be in a thrift store and they wanted $20 for this. This one is not as cool as the ones I found online but I'm going to try to make it work. First things first is to prime it. I just used a paint roller and went at it. Then whats next? Paint it white of course! And here we are! what do you think? not your average table right?  I noticed in my example pictures they painted everything white and on mine I left the handles and the buckles but I think I going to go back and paint it all white as well.  I'm also thinking this suitcase is too wide for the space. here it is next to my couch and i