Thursday, March 8, 2012

mini quilt complete!

I have shown the top before but now it is quilted and binded!
i'm not very good at picking a quilting design so I just followed the triangles from the white triangles.

And I just used it as a guide as I quilted it. The correct term is Shadow Quilting.
and here is the design from the back. I think the quilting turned out pretty cool from the back. and the scrappy binding really stands out on this side.

I pulled the pattern for the paper piecing block from the website

And here are some details on the binding. I Love the mitered corners, I love when they turn out perfect!
I did a blind hem stitch on the back and I decided on a scrappy binding because I could not decide on just one fabric.

I love the blind hem stitch and do this when I'm not pressed for time. It's so relaxing and the best part because its then end you know your project is almost complete, its the last step to your quilt so you enjoy every last step of it.     Kinda like the last bite of cheesecake!

I was trying to experiment with the right angle and pose of the quilt but didn't have much luck getting a great picture....some days I struggle more than others with my camera.

Thanks so much for looking! You will be blown away at all the other Paper Piecing quilts here.


  1. Wow! I love this! Found you at New York Beauty qal! I'm doing the blocks,too. Love your scrappy binding. I'm now a follower!


Thanks for your comment!

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