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Very Delighted

I made so many hats for people as christmas gifts and while browsing blogs I came across this fun blog: She received one of my hats as a christmas gift from her mom! Check out her blog, it has alot of good info on it and she looks so cute in her hello kitty hat! And thanks so much for the plug in Katherine! I wish I had more pix of people in there hats that I could post but I either saw a hard copy picture or alot of my friends have been showing me the hats on there kids from there phones. I thought it would be neat to make a collage.... I think I made about 40 hats total this season...maybe even more! Thanks to all who ordered!  Now I'm back to sewing.

box bags!

So you would think Christmas is over right? Well I needed 2 more gifts by tomorrow morning.  Good thing these are so fast to complete... I will need to time it for sure but I believe it only takes about 45 minutes. and here I will show you the details... (notice that I did not  call it a tutorial)  The measurement I used was 11" x 11.5"   Cut out the outer and inner fabric as well as the interfacing 11"x 11.5" Then I just used a spray basting to hold them together. If you have more time then definitely do some straight line quilting. I was in such a hurry I had to eliminate the quilting. now prepare your zipper. Lay it on your fabric width way so you know how long to make it. I always tape in front and behind the fabric that i need to sew to keep the  tracks together. Once the fabric is sewn to the zipper then just remove the tape. Now you can sew your zipper to the fabric that will be on the outside of your bag. My walking foot works j

Last minute gift

This is the bestest gift to give and it doesn't take long to make! I had a ball!! I filled it with walnut shells that I bought for about $7 at PetSmart. And I LOVE the PINS! I bought them a while ago and have been waiting for the perfect home for them. How beautiful! And I love the litte "made with love" charms that i bought a while ago from hobby lobby. I attach them to everything I make. Ta Da! this was a gift for someone special to me, and she loved it! Thanks to everyone for looking! click here for other last minute gifts....

sewing a simple bag

I love quilting! And with my machine it makes it so easy. I just draw one line and work from there. And that is last picture. I am so mad that I never got the finished bag. I wrapped it up before taking a snap shot.  UUGGHHH. but here is one I finished... with a cute "made with love" charm This is a simple box bag, you can find several tutorials online. And another one.... so sorry for the horrible pictures. I was in such a hurry. And here is the inside...the zipper is a sinch, maybe after christmas I can explain it a little better for those of you who are intimidated by zippers.

still staying busy..

And this is my latest version of the hello kitty hat! I love the pink along the bottom and I think that will help with keeping it clean since white will show up every little piece of dirt. These were a special order all the way from Scotland! I'm crossing my fingers that Rhianon from the nifty stitcher   gets her hats! I'm still taking orders and my turn around time is around 2 days so email me if you would like one.

Hello Kitty hats

Well, i did it! Isn't it cute? It was a special request...i wasn't sure if I could pull this off. The bow was the hardest part...I wanted it to be perfect first I tried to tie 2 triangles together and that did not was too flimsy Then I found other tutorials that say to just crochet a rectangle then tie a piece of yarn in the middle but that didn't work either so then I came up with this. I crochet 6 stitches then decreased to 4  then went back up to 6 and tied it in the middle. here is a close up of the bow. Isn't this so cute? I have been loving hello kitty a lot lately. Have you ever smelled the perfume? They sell it at JC Penney and it smells very good...I'm thinking about getting it.  Anywho...Thanks so much for looking!  I will be sharing this here:

more scratched off the list...

This sock monkey was a special request to make it blue instead of red! What do you think? This order is for a brother and cute! And the owl hats are my favorite! I just love selected fun colors! Thanks for looking! gotta get busy again!

a little extra time...

I was able to make one for my daughter! I love the colors and she has a really nice coat and it matches perfectly. this was done with loops and threads charisma yarn, it is extremely soft. I used a g hook, 14 rows down and 48 stitches across. I still have orders coming in so off I go to stich some mo'. I will be updating my waiting list daily.