Monday, December 26, 2011

box bags!

So you would think Christmas is over right? Well I needed 2 more gifts by tomorrow morning. 
Good thing these are so fast to complete...
I will need to time it for sure but I believe it only takes about 45 minutes.

and here I will show you the details... (notice that I did not 
call it a tutorial) 
The measurement I used was 11" x 11.5"  
Cut out the outer and inner fabric as well as the interfacing 11"x 11.5"
Then I just used a spray basting to hold them together. If you have more time then definitely do some straight line quilting. I was in such a hurry I had to eliminate the quilting.
now prepare your zipper. Lay it on your fabric width way so you know how long to make it. I always tape in front and behind the fabric that i need to sew to keep the  tracks together. Once the fabric is sewn to the zipper then just remove the tape.
Now you can sew your zipper to the fabric that will be on the outside of your bag. My walking foot works just fine for sewing on the zipper.
Now  just move on the other side of the zipper and sew that on.
Once you have sewn the zipper you will flatten the bag and sew the sides so that the zipper is in the middle.
Make sense?  (now you see why I did not call this a tutorial)
Now stand it up on one end so you can mark the triangle to sew like this...
I measure in 1  1/4" and mark it with a pen then I sew it and clip the edge.

on the opposite side you will measure in the same way and slide your strap thru. Line it up with your fabric and sew....after this you are done! Just tun it right side out!
So did I completely confuse you? I think this should just be used as a guide.
These are some tutorials about boxed bags that I liked:
Here is another one I made real quick.
cute and fun right? 
I actually made all three of these this evening.
Can't wait to give them away tomorrow. After that I am definitely done with Christmas.
I even took down my Christmas Tree this morning.
I will be posting these to the following parties:

Creative Itch


  1. Very pretty fabric and a great gift!

  2. This work is very hard I think. These bags are so beautiful. Best best wishes..

  3. What a fun gift, I love the bags!! I found you over at Ta-Da Link Party and can't wait to check out more of your blog. Also love your nails by the way.

  4. These bags are fabulous!!! The handle is a great idea.


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