Surgical Hats

Thank You to all our health care workers. If you wear PPE during your shift then this cap will bring some color to your day!


2 reasons why I wash fabric before making the scrub caps.

  1. So I know what it looks like after it’s been washed. Have you ever bought a shirt then after it’s washed once it looks 3 years old? This is why I buy name brand fabric...I know exactly what I’m working with.  As you can see in the pics the black is not doesn’t even look washed! I love it. 
  2. The hat will not shrink! Have you ever bought a shirt that fits just right then you wash it and it’s too small?? That won’t happen with these hats. 




What health care workers are saying:

"These surgical caps are great. Very lightweight, but still works well to protect my hair/head at the hospital. I've gotten lot of compliments on the patterns/fit. Thank you!"

"Cap fits perfectly!! Very well made. Seller was incredibly kind!"


The hats in my Etsy Shop will ship the next business day~ All surgical caps are made of 100% quilters cotton. These Cute surgical caps are ready to wear and the fabrics are pre- washed so they will not shrink.  Save your ears with optional Buttons attached for comfortable wear of your mask. The tie back style  allows you to keep your hair in or out. Professional finished edges designed to withstand several washes without shrinking or fraying. Shop now at 

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