Monday, January 30, 2012

finished scarf

so i finished my shell scarf.
They are 3 dc clusters, I'm not sure how I like the length, i kinda think its too long that is why I didn't add the fringes.

It does keep me warm and I love the colors.

It's kinda tricky taking pictures of myself

I made my scarf using a g hook and Loops and Thread yarn called impeccable.

I kinda went crazy taking pictures.

Here is a better pix of the length.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP scarf

this is what I have been up too on the weeknights...

I love to lounge on the couch after work and crochet

These are triple double crochet clusters.

I'm going to add a couple more rows to it to make it a little wider

Attic 24 has wonderful instructions on how to do this.
Thanks for looking and follow me if you want to see the finished scarf!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Day Decor

At Home With K  is having a valentine linky party for all of your valentine projects and these 3 projects are my absolute favorite that I have made so far...
hugs and kisses bunting! the "x:" and "o" is from felt

Then I made this simple strip table runner

and with all the scraps I was able to make this adorable pin cushion!
I love these picturess and bringing out all these decorations just puts me in the spirit!  I want to go out and buy some candy hearts just because!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY cottage sign

OKAY, so it's not completely done. I bugged my friend from work for a couple weeks to bring me some rusty hinges..
When he finally brang them I left them at work!  They have been sitting on my desk all weekend.
Oh well, I decided to post it anyway.

The method I am using is from this great blog. is one of my new favorite blogs! 
The method she uses is with carbon copy paper. I found mine in the clearance section at Hancock fabrics for 79 cents.
I first practiced on an extra board I had...not bad right?

So here is the piece of wood I'm using for my sign. I'm so lucky because I have a friend from work who has a bunch of old barn wood (and the hinges) 
I just painted it white.

I then printed out the words on regular paper (using microsoft word)

the carbon copy paper is under this printed paper. I then traced over the words so it would copy onto the board. (you know...just like old times when you would write a check and it copied)

See....I lift up the paper and the carbon paper and it copied!   Now it is time to paint...That was scary for me, i really don't paint, haven't had much practice.
So here I am practicing...not very good but oh well, here goes...
Hey...not too bad! I love it!  I was very impressed with out it turned out!
After painting the words I sanded over it so even if you have little mistakes it's okay.
I think it is a perfect addition to my living room.
I don't know where I'm going to hang it quite yet so there will be a follow up post with the hinges on it as well.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

applique love birds

Heart Day Decor!
Just getting in the Lovey Dovey spirit. this project came from my book Count On It
This book has the cutest holiday projects!

Just before I went shopping for valentine fabric  I found this charm pack in  a drawer...Perfect!

Since the applique heart was bigger then a 5" square I decided the make a patchwork heart


and then I just scraps of fabric on hand for the cute birds.

I used a blanket stitch method for appique.

attached mini buttons for eyes.

And this frame is a bargain I picked up from a garage sale last summer.

the frame was only $1.50 then I had a piece of cardbox laying around to put on the back

And here it is! Very cool! I love puts you in the red heart holiday!
Oh and I'm so excited about something else, I have to share...
Labels!! I finally got labels! Now I can put them on all my creations

Yay! I ordered them from Etsy. It took about a month to arrive but I love them!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

another pair

after making my green pair I couldn't wait to get another pair started.

I made these using the loops and thread yarn called charisma

I used a g hook and I have some suggestions or you may say it's a "guide" as to how I did them. I did not have a pattern, I just made it up as I went along.

I made these for a friend at work...well she will choose from the green or purple and I will have the other pair...I don't care which pair I end up with, i love them both! I have decided to sell them for $15.
and they are soooo warm! I work at a computer all day long and my hands get so cold in my office so these keep me warm and comfy....and they are adorable don't ya think?
Then I made this glove. I think it turned out pretty cool. I just don't have the desire to finish the other

You have probably noticed that I don't have a long attention span, I am constantly moving from one project to another. I would like to finish the other side but who knows?
Thanks so much for checking out my projects!
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