Thursday, January 19, 2012

applique love birds

Heart Day Decor!
Just getting in the Lovey Dovey spirit. this project came from my book Count On It
This book has the cutest holiday projects!

Just before I went shopping for valentine fabric  I found this charm pack in  a drawer...Perfect!

Since the applique heart was bigger then a 5" square I decided the make a patchwork heart


and then I just scraps of fabric on hand for the cute birds.

I used a blanket stitch method for appique.

attached mini buttons for eyes.

And this frame is a bargain I picked up from a garage sale last summer.

the frame was only $1.50 then I had a piece of cardbox laying around to put on the back

And here it is! Very cool! I love puts you in the red heart holiday!
Oh and I'm so excited about something else, I have to share...
Labels!! I finally got labels! Now I can put them on all my creations

Yay! I ordered them from Etsy. It took about a month to arrive but I love them!
As always, thanks so much for looking. I will be linking here:

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