Monday, January 2, 2012

handmade labels

Have you ever tried them? Last month when I was making all of my critter hats I wanted to attach a label in it. I placed an order for some labels on etsy. I knew they wouldn't come right away so I tried to make a couple of them on my own. This one turned out great but its very time consuming.
But the reason why i'm not fully satisfied is because it has a sheen to it. 
and if you feel it it has that shiny film on it.

I used the transfer paper method and ironed it onto the fabric

Here is another one I did. See how it has that shiny-ness to it?

Then I tried to pull the iron transfer off while it was still hot and it eliminated the shiny-ness but it also took off a lot of the ink...??? hmmm.
I just can't wait for my labels. I ordered them the first week of December and I'm still waiting......

but I do want to perfect this method...because I want to be able to print things on fabric without getting that shinyness. ...what else to do?


  1. You can print directly on your label with your printer. First you print on plain paper. Then use repositionable tape to tape your label directly on top of the printing. Run through your printer again same way. I printed on twill tape and it worked great.

  2. I think your labels don t seem bad. They can be used. And your technique is also very well. I can use your technique. Thank you..

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