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closet organization

Finally a functional closet.
This is something I should have done 10 years ago (when we moved in)
I know it doesn't look too fancy but it is now functional!

You can see how the pix on the left had no shelves...just a rod running across the entire closet. The "after" picture is taken at the same location...big difference right?

I was able to install a bunch of shelves and 3 different sections to hang clothes.

This is what i bought from lowes, it was only $69...not too bad. My closet is only 5 feet that is why the cost is so low.
So here is another before picture...see how the rod is bent from all my clothes? So if I wanted to make a change I had to rip out the rod with the big shelf on top...
I use a razor blade to cut the paint away from the shelf that I'm tearing down. I do this so all the paint does not come off the wall as well....And if you are into home improvements you've got to have a wonder bar (pry bar)

So while I was demolishing my closet I turned around and my dog was looking at me like "what in the world are you doing?"   I think he was scared, lol.
It was very easy and customizable and I did it all by myself! 
No husband was interrupted during the making of this closet.  
You can move the shelves up or down and put the hanging rod where ever you'd like. 
The only thing that might be tricky is when you are not hammering into studs. Fortunately I knew where the studs were from the nails from the previous shelf that was up...that helped tremendously.
So, i was half way done and here is a picture of my bedroom due to the closet overhaul...
how overwhelming is this? there was a point when I thought I would never get through it.
but I had a cheer team...
I looked at these two and it made me smile!

Now I have to talk about an article I found on HGTV
It talks about grouping your clothes together, it helps remind you that a few key items of clothing will give you several outfits. I'm going to give it a try because every morning when I have to go to work I stand in my closet for about 10-20 minutes trying to find something to wear

so the bottom row has my gray and black slacks and all my shirts that go with gray and black. The top shelf has my khaki slacks and other pants that go with browns and all shirts that I would wear with those particular slacks.  So i'm going to give this a try.  I can already see that my closet is improving. I managed to fit my jeans in there, my out of season shoes on the very top shelf and my socks and undergarments in the cute polka dot bins. And to the left (behind the wall) is another wall that has my dresses.
I also put my "in season" shoes in a rubbermaid bin on the floor. I figured this is actually something I can keep up with. I just push it back up against the wall after I'm done selecting my shoes.

now, as far as this blank wall goes, I'm going to put up some bins from ikea....the closet is so small these would fit perfectly...
recycling bins from ikea   the depth is just 7"  check it out.
so i'm going to end with this note (not sure why the pix is so bad?)
my post is so long, I will show you an update when i get the bins from ikea installed.
But in a nutshell, if you are thinking about it get it....The rubbermaid closet kit. It is very easy to installed and has given me so much more room in my closet.


  1. it looks wonderful, you must be so happy - i only get one "bar" in the closet to myself :D

  2. That tip about putting a bunch of shoes -- your in-season ones -- in one large box that can be slid out -- that's a great idea! It would make the searching and the cleaning much easier.

    I found you at Handy Man Crafty Woman. Thanks for the closet overhaul tute. Nice work. And I know it is work!

  3. Love it!! Thanks for linking up!

    XO, Aimee

  4. I am impressed down to my socks! I have just moved and my closet only has one high rod. I'm going to double the rods and use your suggestion of a bin for shoes. I can't wait to start.


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