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better than Nordy

I found this cute tank top ruffly top at Nordstrom for $59 !! But I really dont want to spend that that much and what fun would that be? So I already had some cute eyelet white fabric in my stash that I pull out.  And who doesn't have a white tank top on hand? So I cut my strips 6 inches wide and lightly gathered it. And then I'm done! Sorry, I'm not good with alot of "in process pictures"  but it's pretty easy to figure out. And it's so cute with a cardigan. It only cost me about $7. to make! And it took about an hour. Can't beat that! Here is another shirt that I want but Nordstrom wants $235!!!  It must whisper sweet nothings in your ear haha!! I think it will be fun to make something like this so stay tuned! I'm linking up to theses parties: I love seeing everyones creations, it is great inspiration!

bed pillows

 for the longest time I wanted to make some bed pillows but never made any time. I have seen some really cute burlap pillows that I wanna make....And what better timing?  Over at  DIY SHOW OFF   they are having a linky party to show off all your burlap projects and more! So, on with my pillows... I have had these pillows forever, I picked them up from ikea...99 cents each! They are pretty flat but when you fold them in half its perfect. I have one of these inside this pillow that I made. back to the design of my pillow...I think i bought the wrong color of burlap, it's too dark :( And I think the letters are too big? It just doesn't look right on my bed...see for yourself... So I like the pillows but they are a big eye sore on my bed...they just don't belong :(  Another vision taking a wrong turn! It would probably be okay with darker bedding but I want my whole room to be white with  different textures. I think I will cover up the Mr and MRS with some ruffles and pu

flower vase

I loved my scrappy swing so much that I had to do something similar. I have a special place at work that I'm going to hang this. I love the flowers...They have little beads in the middle of them. And this is actually perfect to have on my desk cuz it does not require sunlight or water. (I have a hard time keeping plants and flowers alive) Thanks for looking! I'm going to link to these parties:    

I actually finished something!

but this was so cute and easy to do it wasn't too hard to keep going. I love all the scraps that I used and had the perfect amount left for binding.  I owe all the inspiration to You have to check out her blog I was especially drawn to this project because in my bedroom I have a picture of my daughter on a swing. My daughter is now 13 but in the picture she was around 4. so cute right? I can't even remember her that little and I feel so lucky that I have a picture like this. Thanks for looking. I will be participating in these blog parties: