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Simplicity Pattern Review 8856

 I made it!  I took the time to make this cute Boho Style shirt/dress! AND.... I Vlogged about it too! Yes it was not as easy as the others but I really love the results! Click here to see the full video. I made with rayon fabric. I think its a must have in any women’s wardrobe! This tunic shirt goes great with leggings and I love the pockets! Its loose fitting and very comfortable. I would say the pattern is more for an intermediate sewer. I don’t think it was an easy shirt to sew. The pattern involves gathering fabric, lots of pinning and sewing on a pocket, sewing on the lining and using stabilizer. I also attached a button to the back. The pattern gives detailed instructions on how to sew the shirt. Just read slow and you will have no problem making this! I’m here to inspire you to make beautiful handmade things and I would love to be part of your sewing journey! You can find more of me here: sewing vlog for beginners, how to sew women’s shirt, women shirt pattern, sew a bas
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Camera Tripod Stabilizer

  In this video I will be making a mini quilting project. You will see how to sew together a Scrap quilt block. This is an easy quilt block for beginners.   The quilt block is called a disappearing nine patch. We will first start out with making a scrappy 9 patch block then strategically cut it to make a different design.   I love Mini quilt projects, and quilting although I don’t have a lot of time so I prefer mini quilting instead! I love Small quilting projects because I’m able to finish the project while still keeping up with my other obligations in life.   Even if you are a beginner you can still tackle these   small quilting projects!     The sewing project for   today is a stabilizer for my tripod but you can sew up anything with this disappearing nine patch method. For example you could make hot pads, bag, quilt, etc. You will also see how   I straight line quilt.   My sewing tools: Husqvarna Viking Emerald 183 Warm and natural   Basting safety pins: Wal

Selling on Etsy

This Post is about my Etsy shop and just giving you a brief overview of what an Etsy Shop Owner has to do.  Please click here to watch my first vlog about my  Etsy studio!   I just show you a morning in the life of an etsy shop owner. I share some tips on how I work on etsy orders.   I also show you how I package my handmade items so you have a better understanding on how I run my handmade business behind the scenes. My passion is sewing! Mostly because of all the beautiful designer fabrics. I sew everything from clothes, quilts, bags, the sky’s the limit! I especially love to sew cute, stylish surgical caps for healthcare workers and netted car seat covers for babies. I love giving gifts that are unique and practical which is why I decided to open my Etsy shop to sell netted car seat covers, it’s the perfect baby shower gift.   I also sell surgical hats so if you have a favorite healthcare worker then my surgical caps are the perfect gift!   My Shop is called 'Simply Delilah'

Valentine's Day Sewing

I had so much fun sewing this cute little Valentines bag! It's made with mesh netting so you can see the cute valentine candies.  I've attached the cutting instructions and also made a video tutorial on Youtube. We still have a few days left before Valentines Day so be sure to get started on it right away!  You can find the cutting instructions and also made a video tutorial on Youtube.  You will be shocked as to how simple and easy this is!  We still have a few days left before Valentines Day so be sure to get started on it right away!  You can find more of my projects here: 

scrappy hot pad tutorial

 This is what i have been up to all week! Clearing out my fabric stash! And I put together this tutorial for you! its available on youtube! This is a 7x7 square You will need:  insul bright  warm and natural  fabric for the back  fabric for the binding   fabric for the loop.   I will show you how to stitch the binding with your machine but you can also hand stitch the binding. The testing method we will use is Curved     pins.   You also have the option of using spray basting and I will attach the affiliate link down below. You will also need a walking foot for the straight line quilting method when you quilt your hot pad. The binding with will be cut 2 3/4 inches wide.   Click on the link for a detail step by step guide to make a beautiful scrappy hot pad.

String Quilt Block Tutorial

  Heart strings quilt block Every Wednesday I will bring you a new episode regarding a scrappy sewing project.   I'm going through all my pretty fabrics! You will need some tissue paper and scrappy strips of fabric that are 1 inch wide.  This is a two part series.  We are only making the quilt block during this episode then in part 2 we will quilt the block into a hot pad. Skills you will use, cutting, sew on a bias. Stabilize sewing,   The second part of the video we will use warm and natural  and insul bright.  you’ll also need fabric for the back and fabric for the binding. Other videos in the Scrappy serIes:  Scrappy pin cushion: With today's focus shifting back to family and home, new and experienced sewers are choosing simple, practical projects for use in their homes or as gifts. Pot holders, oven mitts, lunch bags, water heater cover, ironing board cover and casserole covers are all projects made functional and safe with Insul-Bright

Unboxing Barbie's Sewing Machine

  When I saw this I had to grab it! I have so many plans for Barbie! And this dress form! Click on the link to see the dress I made for her! I’m here to inspire you to make beautiful handmade things and I would love to be part of your sewing journey. Subscribe If you find my channel helpful. You can also follow me on Instagram @simplydelilah1