Sunday, January 8, 2012

wrist warmers

so a friend came to me asking if I could make wrist warmers. I told her I would see what I can do and I'm not making any promises....
What do you think? I love them! And they are very warm.
I didn't follow anyones pattern...just went for it.
I will share with you some key points since I'm horrible and explaining things or writing patterns.
I used a g hook and the yarn is called charisma by Loops & Threads (its a little chunky)
To start off you will chain 23 and join to make a circle.

make sure if fits somewhat snug (because they do stretch)
And notice how I am starting at the knuckles working my way down. (some patterns might start at the wrist first)

I did 3 rows of hdc (23 on each row) then when I got to the 4th row I did 2 hdc then i made my thumb hole by chain 4 and skip 2 hdc and continue around. 

continue to hdc 4 more rows then you can start the dc clusters. I don't even know how to explain the dc clusters. honestly I really don't even know how I did just kinda turned out as i went along.
The first round of the clusters is 3dc skip 2 repeat all the way around

 The hardest part was starting a new round.  I found that if you do 2 dc in the first space and move on then when you finish the round you do your last dc in that last space to make it 3 dc....clear as mud?
I did 8 rounds of dc cluster, you can obviously make it longer or shorter.
I can't wait to do another pair. I think I will try 3 different colors next time.
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  1. Dear Delilah, Thank you very much as you described the pattern of wrist warmers. I ll try to make wrist warmers for myself.. Best wishes.....

  2. Love these wrist warmers! I am addicted to crochet right now! Thanks so much for linking up to Made With Love! I'm featuring you on my FB page tonight!


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