Monday, January 16, 2012

coin purse

K, so for my naughty notions challenge I decided  to make this coin purse

and just add some cute embelishments.
This is my version.

You can click on there tutorial for more detailed instructions. I didn't use the same measurements as the tutorial, I just kinda followed there technique the above pic is the stitches I sewed to make the fabric gather.

just kinda work with it then iron it down so you can put your cordinating strap over the gathered stitches

right here i sewed a green strap to it and the flower is made out of felt.
I just used my scallop scissors and cut circles out then stacked them on each other. Pretty easy.
then I hot glued the pearls on.
 I wasn't sure what other notions to put on it without making it look tacky.

here is the back of it.

view of the inside

And I love this clip. I can hook it on my purse, or a key chain!

Thanks for looking! I'm entering this in the Naughty Notions Party!
And here is another fun blog party too!

Creative Itch


  1. Beautiful. And I love the flowers, too. I pinned this project. Linda

  2. It's really lovely! Using the scalloped scissors on the circles was brilliant. I'm totally stealing that idea! Great work. I bet you're going to really motivate the rest of us to finish our entries as well.
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!

  3. What a lovely coin purse. Great job.

  4. The flowers tie in so well with the pretty fabric!!! Just the right amount of embellishments. Looks lovely! I was thinking of using that pattern for my entry.

  5. He votado por ti porque tu bolso es ideal. Felicidades
    I voted for you because your bag is ideal. Congratulations


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