Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Kitty hats

Well, i did it! Isn't it cute? It was a special request...i wasn't sure if I could pull this off.
The bow was the hardest part...I wanted it to be perfect

first I tried to tie 2 triangles together and that did not was too flimsy

Then I found other tutorials that say to just crochet a rectangle then tie a piece of yarn in the middle but that didn't work either

so then I came up with this. I crochet 6 stitches then decreased to 4
 then went back up to 6 and tied it in the middle.
here is a close up of the bow.
Isn't this so cute? I have been loving hello kitty a lot lately. Have you ever smelled the perfume? They sell it at JC Penney and it smells very good...I'm thinking about getting it.  Anywho...Thanks so much for looking!  I will be sharing this here:


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  1. This Hello Kitty hat is adorable! My twenty-something daughter loves Hello Kitty & I'm sure would love this! How much are they selling for? I love the one without the color band & with the smaller eyes. If you could let me know please. Thank you. Please email me at


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