Monday, November 7, 2011

not just for kids?

So if I'm making  them for everybody else I figure I should have one for myself. I mean, i do need to stand behind my product!  At first I thought they were just too cute for kids but now I'm liking it for myself.
The pattern I'm using is just one I made up myself. In the beginning I started with a pattern but never got the sizing right because I would use different types of yarns and hooks.
So here is one I whipped up for myself. I wore it today out in public and i felt kinda spunky!  And a little immature but you know what? I love it. I think it turned out so cute and if I'm going to sale them then I think I need to wear one too! I made this one out of my favorite yarn lately, it's called Loops and Threads country ?  And on all the hats I've been making I have been stitching a half double crochet throughout. 
  soooo not just for kids?

And then I just finished another sock monkey hat, this was  a special order for my friend at work. I LOVE this! I'm getting faster and better with each hat. And I got another order today for 5 more sock monkey hats. I had to put together a waiting list! I'm about 2 weeks out!
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  1. Oh.My.Gosh Adorable!! The owl is my favorite! :)

    ~ Teresa

  2. All your hats are amazing! I think you are as young as you feel so go for it and wear those hats.

  3. Hi Delilah. I see I am your 100th follower. I found you through another blog. Your crochet hats are fantastic !!!! and I love your quilting too. I gave up knitting and crochet to concentrate on quilting. Enjoyed your blog very much and look forward to coming back :)


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