Sunday, October 26, 2008

She's Come Undone by: Wally Lamb

Now I understand why the book was so popular! The author has a way of getting in your head. The girl goes through ups & downs which makes you realize if you were to write a book about yourself you would be suprirse at how many ups and downs you had. She's raped at 13, gains 275lbs. steals letters from her college roomate, has sex with a girl, tries to commit suicide, goes to a half way house, has abortion, gets married, gets a divorce, there is just so much to list but her life continues to move on. It is not a happy ending which keeps it realistic but it is a story of when she was about 4 years old until she is about 40 yrs old. This is a good read, I would recommend it to anyone who is mentally stable. If you are not then this book will probably make you week.

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