Thursday, December 13, 2012

unfinished projects

Another great gift!
I found these in a basket. I forgot all about them. I started making them a couple months ago then put them away...I discovered them this morning. Perfect timing too! This will make a great gift. Although I could use hot pads myself.
These are really nice because I made the pocket that you can stick your hand in.

And for the binding I'm going to hand stitch it. That is my favorite way.
here is my snowman stitchery that I have never finished...all he needs is a face. I always do this! start a new project before I finish the other.

I just felt like sewing half square triangles so I am making these out of hot pads...before I even have the first set of hot pads finished.  Hopefully I can' wrap up all these unfinished projects this weekend.

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