Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday Weigh in

Sorry, this is a day late....I have been really busy sewing these cute little pouches...
but more on these later.

I'm at 147lbs
Last week I was 147.2   so that is a .2 lb loss
I can expect that. It was that T.O.M and I ate everything in sight! I usually eat around 1300 calories and on Wednesday, Thurs & Friday I ate around 1700 calories!  It seems like there is always a set back!
Well My goal is 140 by next week and I don't think its going to happen. So during this challenge I was suppose to lose 10 lbs...well I lost 5. ..Hey I'll take that!  Wednesday i go in for my health assessment appointment and I will see the #'s as far as body fat % and how much I have lost in a year...they will even take my waist measurement...Yikes.   I will post the results and that will be the last posting I'm going to have on this weight/fitness/diet issue.
One strategy I found that helps is Making Daily Goals

My goals look like this:

Saturday was: No sugary cereals. (i love eating dry cereal like raisin bran crunch and special k)
Sunday: 45 min cardio
Monday: Zumba 6:30
Tuesday: 45 min cardio

So basically make yourself accomplish 1 thing that day. We can all do one thing right?
And Stay busy! I have been sewing all weekend...that has definitely kept me out of the kitchen.
And late at night if you have a craving reach for some green tea.

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