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The Results are in

I weighed myself this morning and I got 144.4 !
Wow, last week I weighed 147  That is a 2.6lb loss!

I think the reason why it was so extreme is because last week I had my period and was also munching on Special K Cereal and Raisin Bran Crunch.  They are loaded with sugar.
This past week I cut out all sugary cereal, drank ALOT of water and started sewing again. When I sew the time flies and I forget to eat!
So my first post about weight loss started off as running for 28 days straight. It then turned into my journey to lose 10 pounds. I'm telling you it has helped so much to blog about it. and another thing that is fun 10 weeks later is looking back and reading the past posts.
I love this poster:

I'm in my 11th week and I'm sure glad I stuck with it!
I have been trying to lose these last 10 lbs for a couple years now and I'm finally doing it!
On Sept 10 I weighed 153 And that is the day I recommitted to losing 10lbs by December.
Well today I weighed in at 144.4   so I have lost 9lbs!!!  Not too shabby!
And of course it was hard!! You can read my previous posts and see that every week I did not have a loss. Believe me it is not easy. Some weeks I gained a pound but you just have to never ever give up!
I put together a collage of things that have helped me.
weight loss

Let me point out some things. Notice the Pitbull album?  I always listen to Pitbull on pandora, the  music is amazing for cardio. When I'm running or on the eliptical, his music gets me going.
Green Tea is another necessity. I drink that right after my meals. It seems to take away sweet cravings before they start. And there are so many benefits that come from green tea. I still can't believe it is 0 calories.
"EVERYDAY JUST DO IT"    Some days I try to talk my self out of going to the gym or zumba...then I have to yell at my self "JUST DO IT"   just go. Believe me I am the queen of excuses not to work out. I've just had to yell at myself to shut up and JUST GO!     EVERYDAY JUST DO IT!    Its that simply.
So I hope I have motivated you to lose weight!


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