Thursday, July 28, 2011


Board and Batten Walls!
Please ignore my ugly couch..that is why I have my quilt over it.
But I love it, it looks fabulous and I could not do it without the help of my husband..Now I just need to get my white couches. I'm saving up for them...they are the slip cover couches from ikea!
I still want to attach another 1x2 to the top so there will be a ledge. Next thing to do is decide on some wall decor.
here is a close up..I  used 1x2x4 and this post gives you details of what I went through. It was harder than
i thought! and I used Ana Whites Tutorial   however I spaced my "sticks" 8 inches apart.
So this is just the beginning of my new living room, I will show you updated pictures when I get my new couches and coffee table. I have great plans for the future! Thanks for looking, I'm linking up to these parties...

The DIY Show Off

Domestically SpeakingHookingupwithHoH

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