Sunday, July 10, 2011

5 minute slip!

I found a gray and white striped skirt that is pretty form fitting and I needed a slip to go under it. I didn't want to make one because I didn't have the right fabric(or so I thought).   So I went looking for a slip and no such luck...they were mostly to loose and slinky so it would show wrinkles thru my skirt..and if it was tighter than it was around $28 bucks. Then I came across this...
It's my husbands t-shirt (shhhhh) lol. To be fair, it was found in a closet in my sewing room so really
he never knew he had it and it would not be missed. Still I didn't tell him that I repurposed one of his shirts, haha.

But as soon as I saw it I visioned my slip! Must be my creative eye! Immediately I went "sew" crazy..cutting off sleeves, cutting off the neck, flipped it inside out and sewed the sides in to fit my figure.

And here we are! It litterally took me about 5 minutes. I love how it stays put. it wont ride up and you don't have to keep pulling it down. AND I love that you don't have to finish the hem on cotton, it wont unravel and no one will see it anyway. And I love this length, I should have took a picture of the skirt that I made this slip for. It's almost as form fitting as this slip (that is why I needed a slip under it) then you would understand more.
And here it is shorter. I like that I can change the length and I love how snug it fits yet it is so comfortable.
Just folding the waist down and it becomes shorter. It's even better than the $28 slip!
Because sometimes when they fit snug to your body they are uncomfortable...and I have a bigger stomach so everything always fits me tight around the waist...but not this one. Now I can wear a slip and by lunch time it still fits comfortably.
(above my knees shorter)
But now it's got the wheels turning in my head...wouldn't this be pretty cute in a different color? Or a different pattern. Now I have my eye on all my husbands t-shirts! haha-just kidding!
Thanks for looking! I hope this helped for any of you out there looking for a form fitted slip but not a lot of money.  So you probably have a slip in your closet and you didn't even know it!
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  1. Great work creating a thrifty slip! It's amazing what you can do with t-shirts! I'd love if you added this to the 100+clothes recycling linky page I have too. It's a long term linky - and gets a lot of views - a great resource building up for anyone wanting to upcycle clothes!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. You're so clever! Great slip! I hate it when a slip rides up and wrinkles under a form fitting skirt.

  3. Your blog is cool! If I were a search box, where would i be? I'm trying to find something on your blog, but couldn't find the search box! :)


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