Saturday, June 26, 2010

more quilts

So i'm on a mission to save money so I have not been purchasing any new fabric. It's actually working out great because now I am forced to finish up my existing quilts.

So remember this quilt? Well I had to change it up a bit because the step log cabin blocks were just not matching up. I could not get the fabrics straight and they were stretching and you know...all the problems you get from working with scrap quilts. I finally decided to bag it and do a different lay out...

This layout is less complicated and there is a good chance I may actually get it done in this decade!

Now this quilt is sooo cute! It's called Stars Around Town Quilt. Each little place is paper pieced. The stars are paper pieced as well. It is very time consuming. All my town buildings are done. I have to put together 11 more blocks. I started working on this in October 09' so if I can finish it in less than a year that would be fabulous!

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