Monday, October 1, 2012

Motivation Monday

Today I'm going to talk about what we all lose in our weight loss journey and that is mOtiVaTiOn!
It's so easy to lose motivation, I lose it all the time, even a couple times a day! 
And with my recent slip up at Red Lobster I feeling a little discouraged.   
Here is a lesson I need to study myself:
And this is me going through the different stages:

Yes! I'm going to lose 10lbs, I'm going to look so good, and I'm going to fit in my jeans!

I'm going to work out everyday-join the gym, run 3 miles.  I'm going to eat my fruits and veggies and absolutely no sweets. 

I hate working out! and If I have another apple I will chuck it at someones head instead of eating it! I want something sweet...I'm craving it!

Justify: (Delilah, you have hit the danger zone)
I really don't need to lose the weight anyway, whats another 10 lbs?  I'll work out tomorrow, besides, I did use the stars a lot today.

Choose....are you going to give up and eat those brownies? What about the chex mix?
No! get out of the danger zone!

You will experience these stages many times during your that you know what's going on you can identify it and move past it till you achieve it. made it and now you have an after picture.

Now, If I can just get the the "achieve" stage!
Some tips I have found helpful:
Change it up...I'm always changing my workout before I get sick of it. Its my diet that needs help.I get in a routine where I will eat the same foods and right now if I have another spinach shake I will vomit. ...this is the danger zone to me because that's when I start looking at garbage foods.or wanting to go thru a drive thru and justify how the foods aren't that unhealthy...yeah right.
I recently tried cauliflower Patties and wasn't too crazy about them.
I baked some sweet potatoes. They were so good I didn't even need to dress it up. sweet potatoes are a super food!  1 small sweet potato has 4g of fiber and 2g of protein. It is also good for your skin, stabilizes your blood sugar and also helps with your digestive tract! Its important to stay regular!  Anyways, gotta go~ I'm repainting my kitchen cabinets!

I'll leave you with a pix of my cheerleader!

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