Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Weigh in

So this morning I got on the scale and here it is:

Sorry, i don't know why it came up sideways and I'm too tired to try to edit it in a different program.
I am excited that I am down 1.2lbs this week!
That is a 7lb loss in 6 weeks!  I'm so excited! 
These are my numbers from the past 6 weeks.  Who knew I would see 145 this early in the game?
I have cleaned up my diet tremendously. Little by little I get better. Eating well does take practice just like everything else. I use to need a tootsie pop each day...then I weened off that and just had a couple lemon heads, now I don't even eat the lemon heads!
Okay moving on.....

Here is my latest purchase for $3.49 at Ross!
I bought a food scale and realize I have only been eating 1oz yogurt (in my shake) instead of 4 oz. and I always thought my serving of meats were around 6 oz when they have only been around 4 oz! Yeah! And today i have not had one piece of sweet candy...not even lemon heads!! I stayed around 1200 for my caloric intake...but for some reason I still feel fat! ?! Anywho I've been looking at some of my older blog posts and found one that said that I should be 140lbs by Dec 1st. that gives me 6 more weeks to lose almost 6lbs! I think I can do it. based on what I have lost so far I am right on my goal!

Yes! Of course, everyone needs to lift!  You will burn more calories, check out this link:

Here's one of my reasons...

If I could have this body I am definitely lifting!
I have been lifting weights but I do it in between high impact cardio.
So for 60 seconds I'm lifting then the other 60 seconds I am kicking, jumping, squating etc on a step bench.
Today I only ran 2.5 miles but I did it in intervals and boy am I tired.
 Here is the post of my last weigh in
And until next time....

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