Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Here we go "painting kitchen cabinets" is a search word I have googled for several months now. And guess what? I'm doing it, no turning back now.
Ewwww, I just hate these cabinets and this is actually the last I will see of them.

The first day is over and I didn't even start painting!  I took them down and cleaned them really good with a degreaser then sanded them. I'm not sure why I cleaned them when all I was going to do is sand it off anyway but that is what another blogger did and it just seamed right. I actually went back and forth from sanding to cleaning because after a couple hours my hands were vibrating even when I wasn't holding the sander.

Some of the cabinets needed a little wood filler.
So that delayed the process but it looks a lot better

The blog that I kept referring to is this one http://starterhometodreamhome.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-no-fear-way-to-paint-your-kitchen.html She emphasizes on cleaning and sanding. I have read some blogs where they didn't even mention sanding?  I don't see how the paint will stick? I even "buff" my nails before I paint them because it keeps the nail polish on for much longer. I also like the idea of lightly sanding in between coats, I have done this with other projects and it just ensures a flawless finish.  My greatest fear is that 7 months down the road I have cheap looking chipped cabinets...I would be devastated if that happens. I have also made sure to investigate other blogs. So if they finished there cabinets 6 mos ago I always look for follow up posts to see how there cabinets are holding up and so far I haven't found a horror story.

The next post will be about the 2nd day:
Here is a sneak peek:

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  1. I think you'll love them when they're done and you'll be so glad you went for it.
    Have fun!


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