Sunday, October 14, 2012

Motivation Monday

Motiviation is key in weight loss and to stay motivated I have to change things up. Especially my diet. 
I finally bought some quinoa and I'm not all that impressed...
And I thought to myself I would rather just eat brown rice and when I googled the facts this is what I found:
Quinoa is a little higher in carbs, protein and fiber but really they are the same thing. I actually need to compare price as well. I'm going to try a couple recipes I found off of pinterest.

I tried this salad first and it wasn't so impressive to me. Maybe I need to have it set overnight so the flavor soaks into the quinoa.

I absolutely love pumpkin! Hopefully this will taste better than the salad.

This one looks scrumptious but it calls for too many ingredients.

Now as far as motivation goes I have 2 more days to buck up for my weigh in on Wednesday
Saturday I did bad by eating half a bag of kettle corn. I love kettle corn! Its a good bad situation.
Bad that I bought and ate half the bag!!! But good that I threw the bag away. I did allow myself to buy it because it was saturday and I allow myself to indulge in one thing on Saturdays and I decided that is what it was going to be. And I'm so happy I had the strength to just throw the whole bag out! And based on the nutrition facts half the bag was 300 calories. Not too bad right?

Ok so this is going to be my reward when I reach a 10lb loss.  So I'm just going to throw the # out there.
I will reach my goal when I reach 140.

My last weigh in was 147 so I have 7 pounds to go which seems so far away for me. That is nearly 2 months away if I have no slip ups.  But these are some really nice jeans from Express and I really need some new jeans bad. I just don't want to buy them yet if I can actually get a smaller size :)  So i'm going to do everything I can to lose 1.5lbs every week. I think it can be done!!

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