Monday, October 22, 2012

motivation monday

I'm officially losing it. I am losing my motivation, it's a scary thing.  The holidays are around the corner and i love to bake. I'm sick of making my pumpkin protein bites.  Why would I make them when I can make these:

They look sooooo good!  and I know i'm playing with fire by looking at these yummy treats!
I just need to hang in there. I know it is normal to feel like this  and I hope it will pass.
I've just had a rough week. My last weigh in post was full of good news however I don't know what happen. all the sudden the scale has gone up 2lbs. I know its not my weigh in day but I'm nervous. Why the hell would it do that? Ugghhhh. I guess I technically can't complain yet. I will wait and see what my final #'s are in  2 days. Hopefully I wont have to destroy the scale.

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